Resistgard UV-Blocking Light Shields

PFA & FEP Tubing for High-Purity Fluids

Resistgard UV Light Shields


Resistgard® light shields offer cost-effective protection from emulsions caused by UV light. Their specially-formulated polycarbonate allows for a “whiter” light and provide effective protection. Their reusable sleeves block all light from 0-520 nanometers when placed over any cool-white fluorescent tube. This affords better protection against UV light than standard gold fluorescent tubes while providing a “whiter” light and up to 50% more illumination. They are ideal for semiconductor lithography processes, guarding dairy and food products from UV exposure, biomedical research experiments, and other UV sensitive applications. They are available in a variety of standard sizes, with special sizes available upon request. End caps allow metal lamp ends to be exposed for a perfect fit even in tandem fixtures.

Features & Benefits

  • Long life with easy maintenance
  • Reusable tubes guaranteed for 5 years
  • Pigmented acrylic has no film or coverings to craze or peel
  • End caps included where needed
  • OSHA approved polycarbonate tubes

Long Life

Accelerated aging tests of Resistgard® over fluorescent tubes have shown there is no apparent deterioration or darkening of the sleeve over an 8-year life. Heat sinks are available for use with these shields when covering high-output fluorescent tubes. Maintained by simple washes with plain soap and water.

High Impact Strength, Thermal Stability

Resistgard® is made of dye-impregnated polycarbonate, high-molecular weight, low crystalline engineered thermoplastic with exceptionally high impact strength over a wide temperature range. Polycarbonates offer an excellent combination of toughness, heat and flame resistance, and dimensional stability. They are generally unaffected by grease, oils, and acids. Polycarbonate tubes are approved by OSHA as safe coverings for fluorescent tubes unlike plastics made with styrene, acrylics, and other compounds.

Resistgard® lamps and shields are specially formulated to insure perfect uniformity with maximum illumination. Their end caps allow metal lamp ends to be exposed for a perfect fit even in tandem fixtures.

Resistgard® Transmittance

Spectral output curve shows light output vs frequency of Resistgard® Gold Shield over a standard cool-white fluorescent tube. Absolute cut-off at 520 nm.

Resistgard UV Light Shield Transmittance


UV Cutoff520nm
Shield MaterialGE 103 Polycarbonate
Shield max temp.280°F
End cap materialGlass-filled Polypropylene
End cap max temp.185°F
Shield wall thickness.028 +/- .003"
Lamp typesT5, T8, T12
Lamp lengths2, 4, 5, 6, 8 ft


  • Dairy
  • Bio Medical
  • Semiconductor
  • Research Institutes
  • Food Processing
  • Special Storage