iPolymer PTFE Eye Wash Spray Guns (EW)
iPolymer Spray Guns Brochure

PTFE Eye Wash Spray Guns (EW)

iPolymer PTFE Eye Wash assemblies is designed to provide emergency eye/facial rinse. When activated a soft flow of aerated water is released. The non-metallic aerator converts harsh city water into a bubbly smooth stream while the PTFE body remains inert to its potentially hostile chemical environment.

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 75 psi
  • Media Temperature Range: 60 – 100ºF
Item #GunHose AssemblyInterconnect FittingSource Fitting

Hose Descriptions

  • N/A: Gun Only – No Hose
  • C6-PU: 3/8 in OD Blue Polyurethane Coiled Hose

Interconnect and Source Fitting Descriptions

  • J64: JACO Male Connector – Polypropylene. 3/8” Tube x 1/4” MNPT