Fit-One 불소 수지 튜브

PFA & FEP Tubing for High-Purity Fluids

Fit-One 불소 수지 PFA 및 FEP 튜브

PFA 튜브

Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) is a fully fluorinated translucent polymer. It has the lowest friction coefficient of all polymers, which makes the material highly resistant to wear and reduces potential replacement costs. PFA tubing is nearly inert to all chemicals and solvents, and it does not interact with the vast majority of chemicals, including bases, acids, or solvents. PFA is also temperature resistant, making it ideal for use in high-temperature environments where FEP tubing can not be utilized. PFA tubing has great thermal stability from -60°C to 260°C without degrading. PFA also has extremely low dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation.

기능 및 이점

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Non-stick properties
  • Excellent insulation material
  • Long product life
  • Good resistance to alkalis, acids and chemicals
  • Long continuous lengths of tubing available
  • Custom sized available

적용 분야 별 검색

  • High-purity, corrosive chemical handling
  • PFA tubing is designed to use with PFA tube fittings or other types of connection ends such as metal flanges.
  • Excellent performance with low surface tension chemistry
  • Semiconductor applications including photolithography, CMP, bulk chemical delivery, and wet etch and clean processes

FEP 튜브

Flourinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) has excellent electrical properties like PTFE because FEP consists of only fluorine and carbon atoms. The chemical resistance capability and mechanical characteristics are the same as PFA, however the heat resistance is lower than PFA.

기능 및 이점

  • Low gas permeability
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good Corrosion Resistance
  • Good dielectric strength
  • Good Chemical resistant
  • Good transmission of ultraviolet rays

적용 분야 별 검색

  • Aerospace &Transportation Technology
  • Electronics, Components & Insulators
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Air Sampling
  • Fluid Transfer Devices
  • Water Processing Systems


PFA 물리적 특성

ItemTest MethodUnitStandard Value
DensityASTM D-3307--2.12~2.17
Melting Point (DSC)ASTM D-3307°C295~305
Tensile StrengthASTM D-3307Mpa (kgf/cm2)min 30
Elongation%min 300
MFR Valueg/10min1.5~2.5

PFA 튜브 치수

SizeO.D.I.D.Wall TK.Tolerance
O.D.Wall TK.
mm Size3320.5±0.1±0.05
Inch Size1/8"±0.10±0.05
1 1/4"31.8281.9±0.25±0.15
1 1/2"±0.25±0.15

*Length, tolerance the length of tube is shown as meter(s), tol is 0~≠2%. Customize size order is accepted. Surface roughness is as per SEMI F52-1101, μm<=0.25, μin<=10. Metal Dissolving volume is as per SEMI f57-0301.

FEP 튜브 치수

SizeOD (mm)ID (mm)

*Customized size is available at request.