White Knight Fluid Handling, Inc.

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White Knight 에 대하여

White Knight Fluid Handling Inc., a subsidiary of Graco Inc. (NYSE: GGG), manufactures high-quality ultrapure fluid handling products for the most demanding applications in stringent, high-tech industries, such as semiconductor. Acquisitions, such as Heateflex, Imtec, and iPolymer expanded our high-purity product offerings into heaters, tanks, valves, and much more. Synergies among White Knight, Heateflex, Imtec, and iPolymer products provide enhanced efficiencies to improve high-purity systems.

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White Knight Fluid Handling

187 East 670 South
Kamas, UT 84036

P: 435.783.6040
T: 888.796.2476
F: 435.783.6128


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시간: 8 AM – 5 PM, 월요일-금요일

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White Knight 에 대하여

White Knight Fluid Handling Inc., a subsidiary of Graco Inc. (NYSE: GGG), was established in 1995 and has consistently developed and manufactured high quality products in the most demanding applications for leading semiconductor companies.

White Knight manufactures ultrapure fluid handling products for fabricating semiconductors, solar cells, LEDs, Flat-panel displays and electronics, chemicals manufacturing, and industrial applications. Our specialized equipment is used to deliver, circulate, dispense, and reclaim high-purity fluids for wet processes utilizing deionized water, corrosive alkaline or acidic chemical solutions, and toxic liquids such as fuels, glues, paints, resins, inks, and wastewater.

White Knight pumps offer superior performance, optimized efficiency, and simplified maintenance. Their leak-proof designs provide constant, reliable, and safe operation. White Knight provides the highest quality products through controlled, consistent in-house engineering and manufacturing. White Knight ultrapure bellows pumps are assembled, tested, and packaged in a Class 100 clean room. Other White Knight high-purity products include high-purity diaphragm pumps, metering pumps, debubblers, filter housings, pressure regulators, pressure vessels, closed-loop systems, and accessories such as fiber-optic stroke and leak detection, control options, pulsation dampeners, and pre-filters.

Heateflex 에 대하여

Since 1974, Heateflex led the way in providing ultrapure heating solutions to semiconductor, life science, food and beverage, medical devices, and many other industries. Over the years, Heateflex built a reputation for providing high-quality, performant, and reliable products. In July 2019, Heateflex was acquired by White Knight Fluid Handling Inc.

Heateflex maintains high standards to meet stringent demands for increased safety, quality, and performance. Our engineering team strives to design products that better combine our customers’ needs with improved material technologies. We offer a variety of equipment for heating high-purity fluids and gases, including chemical heaters, deionized water heaters, gas heaters, and heat exchangers. Our products are able to control temperatures with precision and efficiency. Further equipped with our microprocessor-based temperature controllers, the heaters can be built to adapt to the specific needs of customer applications.

The company maintains a strong patent portfolio, providing a foundation of innovation and protection for our worldwide customer base. Our award-winning engineering team continuously develops next-generation tools and applications to serve the changing needs of the industry and our customers.

Imtec 에 대하여

Since 1972, Imtec has consistently provided high-quality products for rapidly changing markets and technologies. We are committed to providing the finest wet-processing systems to the international semiconductor manufacturers, OEM tool makers, labs, and universities from all over the world. Imtec was the first company to introduce quartz recirculating baths, and we continue to be the world’s leading supplier of quartz constant-temperature baths. Imtec was also the first to obtain UL safety recognition and CE approval for our ultrapure bath products.

After having supplied high-quality products to a broad customer base of more than 500 semiconductor-related companies, Imtec’s wet process systems and heater modules have been constantly optimized. Our continuous efforts toward product improvement and new product development allow the integration of leading-edge systems.

We are committed to providing quality products and services to the semiconductor and related industries, achieving this mission through quality management systems, complying with industry standard requirements, and continually improving the effectiveness of its products. Imtec achieved ISO 9001 certification to ensure that quality is held to the highest standards when designing, fabricating, and delivering a product line.

Imtec is uniquely positioned to offer integrated capabilities to machine, fabricate, and assemble raw quartz and plastic materials into the finest wet-processing modules and sub systems for use in the international semiconductor and associated industries.

iPolymer 에 대하여

International Polymer Solutions (iPolymer) is a worldwide supplier of engineered high-purity fluid handling products. iPolymer acquired BECO Manufacturing in 2010 and TEQCOM Industries in 2011. We provide engineered polymer fluid handling solutions to the global market. With a combined 60 years of TEQCOM and BECO history, we offer solutions for industries and applications requiring the performance that only engineered polymers can provide. The polymers used in our manufacturing process, combined with our expertise, consistently produce products that exceed customers expectations.

iPolymer’s standard line of pneumatic valves, solenoid valves, manual valves, air cylinders, spray guns, fittings and connectors are used in semiconductor, bio-medical, pharmaceutical, food and sanitary process, high-purity laboratory, and other general chemical handling environments. Our capabilities include polymer fabrication and welding, which enable us to supply custom tanks, containment vessels, clean room enclosures, storage boxes, manifolds, cabinets and flow benches to fit specific needs.

iPolymer consistently provides products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We actively pursue continuous quality improvements through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time. We strive to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations and to only make commitments we can meet. We honor our commitments and strive for World Class Performance.

iPolymer continuously ensures that our products and services conform to industries standards. We benchmark and improve our business, products and services, along with the continuous training of our employees. We sustain and develop business growth by creating an environment that fosters management and employee involvement, motivation and training.

White Knight 사 펌프

White Knight 사는 공압 구동 이중-벨로우즈 (AODB ) 펌프, 공압 구동 이중-다이아프램 (AODD) 펌프 와 정량 펌프. 당사 고 순도 펌프는 반도체, 태양광, 발광다이오드(LED), 평면 디스플레이, 전자 산업을 위한 케미컬 약액 과 슬러리를 이송, 순환, 재생 및 운반에 사용.

데모 제품 신청

사용자 지정 테스트 프로그램

벨로우즈 펌프

초순수 AODB 펌프는 PTFE 및 PFA 로 구성된 유체 경로. 고온, 고압, 건식운전에서 손상없이 운전 가능. Dead-head 상황에서 별도의 조처없이 회복되는.

벨로우즈 펌프

다이아프램 펌프

고순도 AODD 펌프는 PTFE 나 UHMW (PE) 내부식성 으로 구성된 유체 경로. 산, 연료, 접착제, 수지, 잉크 또는 폐수와 같은 부식성 이나 독성 약액에 이상적. PSB 시리즈 펌프는 노후된 케미칼 이송펌프를 직접적으로 보강 교체.

다이아프램 펌프

정량 펌프

고순도 공압 정량 펌프전기제어식 정량 펌프는 제각기 100 ml 와 50 ml 를 정확하게 토출. 이 신뢰할 수 있는 비 금속 펌프는 자석이나 임펠러가 없는 PTFE 및 PFA 유체경로가 특징입니다.

정량 펌프

압력 레귤레이터

추가적인 회로 장치 나 피드백 없이 순환회로 나 다중 분배 지점에 정확히 제어 압력.

압력 레귤레이터

압력 베셀

내화학성 PTFE 및 PFA 유체 경로로 층류를 사용지점에 분배 나 믹싱.

압력 베셀

필터 하우징

고순도 화학류를 위한 PTFE 및 PFA 유체 경로 된 범용, 아담한, 다중-챔버 필터 외장.

필터 하우징

펌프 액세서리

White Knight 펌프 부속품에는 맥동 감쇄기, 전단 필터, 제어기 외 다수.

펌프 액세서리

고순도 폐 회로 펌프 시스템

비 금속 폐회로 제어 시스템으로 자동적으로 유지되는 층류 또는 일정한 압력은 안정적인 온도, Dead-head 및 흡입 양정을 제공 합니다.

고순도 화학 약액 공정 과 이송 시스템을 제어. 단순 공정 자동화로 시간, 자원 절약및 비용을 감소.

  • ≤ 140 lpm (36 gpm) 유량
  • ≤ 7 Bar (100 psi) 압력
  • ≤ 210°C (410°F) 온도
  • 안정적인 온도 유지
  • 비 금속, 비 부식
  • 비 탄성 중합체의 O-링, 비 누수
  • 비 전기 모터, 열 상승이 안됨
  • 임펠러 없음, 마이크로버블이 없음
고순도 폐 회로 펌프 시스템

White Knight의 혜택 및 기술적 장점

White Knight사 엔지니어는 우수한 유체 관리 솔루션을 만들기 위해 전문적인 기술을 개발합니다. 우리는 양질의 재료와 깨끗한 제조 환경이 중요하다는 것을 알고 있습니다. 업계 최고의 품질 보증하는 고순도펌프를 보증하기 위해 최선의 노력을 다하고 있습니다.