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Automatically adjust systems to maintain pressure or flow rate set points

White Knight CPC-1 Closed-Loop Controllers


The programmable closed-loop controller (CPC-1) automatically maintains system pressure or flow rate in high-purity chemical processes and delivery systems. It monitors and controls pneumatic pumps and pump accessories to provide complete closed-loop systems.

CPC-1 사양 시트CPC-1 사용자 매뉴얼
CPC-1 주문 지침소프트웨어 요청
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기능 및 이점

The CPC-1 monitors and controls pneumatic pump systems. It supports pressure control and flow control operation modes to manage the system using feedback from a pressure transducer (no delay) or a flow meter (two second signal delay), respectively. It also supports supply pressure control operation to manage the system without feedback control.

  • Automatically maintains system pressure or flow rate
  • Simple Plug-&-Play integration using standard protocols
  • Flow stability in pressure transitions that is independent of filter loading, viscosity, or temperature
  • Adjustable flow rate or pressure set point
  • Maintains line pressure in dead-head without continued cycling of the pump
  • Maintains delivery pressure as demand and line restrictions change
  • High temperature capability
  • Software interface simplifies setup
  • Real-time feedback for flow rate, supply pressure, line pressure, and temperature
  • Quickly switch between control modes
  • Customizable alarms for control limit, system limit, maintenance, and leak detection
  • Input and output communication through analog and digital signals
  • Compatible with shuttle-, fiber optic-, and proximity-driven bellows pumps
  • Supports parallel operation with multiple White Knight pumps

시스템 준비 작업

CPC-1 폐회로 제어기에서 전기-공압 비례 조절기로 신호. 조절기는 압력을 펌프에 적용. 펌프는 유체 라인에 가압. 센서는 CPC-1로 신호, 폐회로 과정 을 반복함으로서 조절. CPC-1 은 또한 알람, PLC 또는 윈도우 기반 PC, 통합된 다양한 장비 설계가 가능.


Setup controller using a Windows computer via a standard RS-232 communication protocol or a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port. It supports automatic IP Address assignment over DHCP Network.

전원 요구 사항

  • CPC-1 power consumption 2.5 watts typical with maximum of 4 watts.
  • High-power sourcing outputs (12 –24 VDC, 500 mA)
  • Low-power outputs (5 –24 VDC, 25 mA)

배선 연결

Digital I/O Connections: 44 Pin HD D-Sub Connector

Digital Inputs Include:

  • Turn on pressure control
  • Turn on flow control
  • Turn on set supply air
  • Turn on set point change via Analog input
  • Leak sensor input
  • Reset leak sensor alarm
  • Proximity sensor input left
  • Proximity sensor input right

Digital Outputs Include:

  • Pressure control on
  • Flow control on
  • Supply air on
  • Alarm: Leak detected
  • Alarm: Out of control limits
  • Alarm: Near System Capacity
  • Solenoid: Left signal
  • Solenoid: Right signal

* Digital inputs are configurable to voltage reference high or low.
* Digital outputs are configurable to be voltage source or sink.
* Digital ports must be powered with an external source.

Analog I/O Connections: 26 Pin HD D-Sub Connector

Analog Inputs Include:

  • Flow meter signal
  • Pressure transducer signal
  • Temperature sensor
  • Desired set point

Analog Outputs Include:

  • Flow meter signal
  • Pressure transducer signal
  • Temperature signal
  • Air regulator signal

* Analog inputs can be configured to be 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, or 4-20 mA.
* 4-20 mA output requires the optional White Knight signal converter.


치수 [mm] 인치

CPC-1 Closed-Loop Controller Dimensions with Wire Connectors
CPC-1-W 치수 다운로드 (PDF)

치수 [mm] 인치

CPC-1 Closed-Loop Controller Dimensions with Screw Terminals
CPC-1-S 치수 다운로드 (PDF)


견적 요청대리점 위치 및 연락처
White Knight Controller with Cable Connector

Digital I/O cable to wire leads

White Knight Controller with Screw Terminals

Breakout board to screw terminals

White Knight 고순도 폐 회로 펌프 시스템

고순도 폐 회로 펌프 시스템

비 금속 폐회로 제어 시스템으로 자동적으로 유지되는 층류 또는 일정한 압력은 안정적인 온도, Dead-head 및 흡입 양정을 제공 합니다.

고순도 화학 약액 공정 과 이송 시스템을 제어. 단순 공정 자동화로 시간, 자원 절약및 비용을 감소.

  • ≤ 140 lpm (36 gpm) 유량
  • ≤ 7 Bar (100 psi) 압력
  • ≤ 210°C (410°F) 온도
  • 안정적인 온도 유지
  • 비 금속, 비 부식
  • 비 탄성 중합체의 O-링, 비 누수
  • 비 전기 모터, 열 상승이 안됨
  • 임펠러 없음, 마이크로버블이 없음
고순도 폐 회로 펌프 시스템