White Knight Debubblers

Remove Bubbles from Chemical Delivery Processes


CBA Series debubblers reduce bubbles from high-purity chemical delivery and wafer process systems. They feature 4-in inside diameters, which offer debubbling greater surface area. They are available in various connectable pipe lengths. They feature configurable port connections, and tongue-and-groove seals. Liquid level sensor to mount is available.

CBA Debubblers with Connectable Pipes
CBA 시리즈 사양 시트

주문 지침

견적 요청대리점 위치 및 연락처
White Knight 2 년 품질 보증
White Knight 초순수 테플론 PTFE 재질의 펌프
화학 약품 이송 및 순환 용 압력 7 Bar (100 psi) 테플론 펌프
White Knight 최대 100C까지 작동 가능한 반도체 펌프

기능 및 이점

  • 공정에 안전한 PTFE 및 PFA 로 구성된 유체경로
  • ≤ 7 Bar (100 psi) 압력
  • ≤ 100°C 온도
  • Chemical delivery and wafer process debubbling
  • 누수없는, 가공된 설계, Tongue 와 Groove seals
  • Extruded PFA pipe with threaded connections offer easy setup and maintenance without welding
  • Pressure capabilities offer high flow rates for faster processes
  • 최대 6 리터 용량의 모델 공급
Debubbler Operation Diagram with Sensors

펌프 운전

CBA Series debubblers redirect flow upward and slows the fluid so that air bubbles rise within the chamber. As air collects at the top, the liquid level drops until the lower sensor detects a low liquid level and signals a valve to open to releases air via the drain vent. As air vents, the liquid level rises until the upper sensor detects a high liquid level and signals the valve to close.


치수 [mm] 인치

mm (in)AB
1 liter295 (11.6)132 (5.2)
2 liter434 (17.1)272 (10.7)
3 liter572 (22.5)409 (16.1)
4 liter798 (31.4)632 (24.9)
5 liter935 (36.8)772 (30.4)
6 liter1074 (42.3)980 (38.6)


견적 요청대리점 위치 및 연락처