White Knight 모든 산업


White Knight pumps deliver, circulate, and transport chemicals for semiconductor, solar, LED, flat-panel display and electronics industries. Our AODD pumps are also used for general industrial purposes such as ceramics, glues, inks, paints, coatings and more.

White Knight 반도체 칩 제조 유체 취급 솔루션

반도체 제작

Build smaller circuits at lower costs with ultra-pure pumps capable of high flow rates, pressures, and temperatures.

White Knight 광전지 태양 전지 제조 유체 취급 솔루션

광전지 / 태양광

Reliable high-purity and economical pumps ideal for solar cell manufacturing. 당사 고 순도 펌프는 태양광 산업을 위한 케미컬 약액 과 슬러리를 이송, 순환, 재생 및 운반에 사용.

White Knight Pumps for Flat Panel Displays Applications

디스플레이 및 전자

High-performance, ultra-clean fluid handling products that are ideal for the critical processes required to manufacture displays, microprocessors, and electronics.

발광 다이오드(LED) 제작 산업

제조 발광 다이오드(LED)

Ultra-pure fluid handing products designed for critical processes and harsh chemicals used to fabricate light emitting diodes.

White Knight 산업 공정 유체 취급 솔루션

제조 산업

Reliable pumps built on decades of innovative engineering and in-house manufacturing processes ensure complete quality control, which is critical for chemical manufacturing.

White Knight 케미컬 제조 유체 취급 솔루션

케미칼 제조

High-purity PTFE pumps and heaters designed to provide the complete control of fluid handling processes critical for manufacturing chemicals or when using harsh, aggressive chemistries.

생명 과학 산업

생명 과학 히터 및 청소 장비

Heaters and cleaning equipment for laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology firms, and makers of medical devices that meet stringent sanitary requirements.

Heateflex 음식 및 음료 산업

식품 및 음료 산업용 히터 및 멸균 장비

Heateflex precision heaters and sterilization equipment help eliminate deadly pathogens and enhance the quality of food and beverage products.

White Knight 펄프, 종이, 접착제, 잉크 유체 취급 솔루션

Pulp, Paper, Glues, & Inks

Transport glues and printing inks with chemically compatible pumps to prevent colors from mixing during a color changes and to reduce your use of cleaning agents and solvents.