Accuheat™ PFA 인라인 유체 히터

Accuheat PFA 인라인 유체 히터


Imtec high-purity Accuheat PFA in-line heater are desinged for hydrofluoric acid (HF), potassium hydroxide (KOH), and other chemistry compatible with PFA. These PFA heaters push widely accepted high-purity materials to operating extremes while maximizing performance and reliability. IMTEC has once again taken heating of high-purity liquids to a new level of performance and reliability.

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Accuheat™ PFA 인라인 유체 히터 사양 시트
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IMTEC has once again taken heating of high purity liquids to a new level of performance and reliability. Heating liquids using high purity materials in a harsh environment requires special skills and knowledge that can only be gained from experience. For over 40 years, IMTEC’s Engineers have been refining and improving the heated quartz bath and understand the critical needs of the Semiconductor and related industries. The sum of that knowledge has been incorporated into the Accuheat PFA in-line heater to create products that not only perform, but simplify installation and maintenance as well. Exemplified by our long-standing ISO 9001 registration, our dedication to manufacturing process control assures that our customers receive uniformly high-quality products in a timely manner. IMTEC offers a wide range of standard and custom models to allow for easy integration into almost any application.

Single Pass Point of Use

Accuheat Quartz In-Line Heater Single Pass Diagram

Recirculating Loop

Accuheat Quartz In-Line Heater Recirculating Loop Diagram


  • Heavy gauge pre-formed Inconel element can stand up to high stress conditions without breaking down
  • Power modulator monitors heater element temp and prevents heat buildup inside the housing
  • Sealed housing prevents chemistry from attacking internal components & provides secondary containment
  • Internal leak detect strip (requires external monitor) gives early detection of chemical leaks
  • All wiring shielded with FEP conduit to prevent chemical attack
  • Indirect heating design, no submerged heater elements
  • No N2 or gas purge required


  • No O-Ring seals
  • All wetted surfaces are high purity PFA
  • PTFE housing for double containment
  • Maximized watt density for performance
  • Light weight construction
  • Small foot print enabled by unique design
  • Zero maintenance required
  • PFA fluid path, wide chemistry compatibility
  • High temperature capability 200°C+


Accuheat PFA In-line Chemical Heater
1.5-12 kW
Process Chemistries
Dilute Hydrofluoric acids (DHF),
Buffered Hydrofluoric acids (BHF),
Buffered Oxide etch (BOE),
Alkaline Chemicals (TMAH, KOH, NAOH),
Fluorinated Solvents,
Hydrofluoric Acid,
Glycol, and much more.
Max Operating Temperature
180°C (consult factory
for higher temperatures)
Max Pressure
40 psi at 180°C
single or 3 phase
model dependent