White Knight Buttress Threads provide stronger threaded connections and increase the level of safety for threaded connections between parts made from soft materials such as plastics and fluoropolymers (PTFE and PFA).

White Knight 사 45º by 90º Buttress Threads place thread load linearly rather than diametrically. This greatly reduces the amount that mating threaded parts force each other to separate under load. This reduced force is critical in applications where high temperatures are used.

The linear thread load is beneficial when used in combination with the Tongue 와 Groove seal found on every sealing surface of White Knight 사 고 순수 pumps. Nearly all of the force is applied directly to the sealing surface of the pump to protect against leaks.

See White Knight Synchro-Threads™ for more advanced threaded connections.

White Knight Buttress Threads on PSA060 High-Purity Pump