Rebuild Pump, Renew Warranty

White Knight pumps are designed for easy, quick repairs and rebuilds. White Knight performs rebuilds at their facilities and authorized distributors may repair pumps. The company also offers training programs for customers who prefer to rebuild their pumps in-house. White Knight renews warranties for pumps rebuilt by certified rebuilders.

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White Knight 고순도 펌프 용 교체 부품
White Knight 직원 수분이 많은 고순도 화학 펌프

On-Site Repairs

White Knight 사 simple designs allow for quick and easy disassembly and reconstruction without any welding or other permanent seams. With the appropriate kits, you can perform complete pump rebuilds in the field – saving costly downtime.

White Knight also provides certification and training programs for distributors and customers who want to perform on-site rebuilds. Rebuilds performed by certified personnel renew warranties of rebuilt pumps.

Rebuilds at White Knight

For pumps returning for repairs, we determine the failure mode, and help customers determine whether to rebuild or replace the pump. Rebuilt pumps are tested, and the original warranty is renewed. All tests, services, and rebuilds are thoroughly documented.

White Knight technicians prevent cross contamination by using segregated rebuilding areas to test, disassemble, and rebuild pumps that are returned for service. Used products never enter the new product clean room.

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금속 공정에 사용되지 않는 펌프 용 깨끗한 방

Metal-Free White Knight Pumps

This White Knight pump was returned for service after more than nine years of use. It was only serviced one other time. The cleanliness of parts in this pump is typical for White Knight high-purity pumps returned for service.

White Knight 초 고순도 펌프 교체용 부품
White Knight 고 순수 펌프

Corroded Competitor Pumps

Many competitor pumps use components manufactured from materials that are incompatible with corrosives and other harsh chemicals. These products, such as the corroded pumps below, can become a safety hazard, contaminate your chemicals, and are difficult to remove from tools. They cannot be rebuilt, and must be replaced instead. Proper disposal of corroded pumps is also difficult can be costly, time-consuming, and pose environmental concerns.

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