Kamas, Utah (July 19, 2019) – White Knight Fluid Handling Inc., a subsidiary of Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG), announced today that Graco has acquired the business of Heateflex, a California-based manufacturer of ultra-pure fluid and gas heating equipment for the semiconductor, solar, LED, displays and electronics industries, as well as other markets.

“Heateflex offers heating and temperature control components that are complementary to White Knight’s pumping and flow control products – giving our customers an expanded one-stop supplier for their equipment,” said David Kingsbury, White Knight’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Over the years, Heateflex has built a strong reputation for providing high quality, reliable products to their customers worldwide. The company’s forty-five year history serving the worldwide semiconductor market combined with White Knight’s 30-plus-year history provides an unparalleled wealth of experience and product knowledge to support our combined customers.”

“This is an important step in the next stage of White Knight’s growth,” said Steve Smith, CEO of White Knight. “The addition of Heateflex to White Knight is part of an overall Graco strategy to deliver expanded products, technology and services to a growing list of customers in the worldwide semiconductor and solar markets.”

Heateflex employs approximately 35 people at its Arcadia, California headquarters.

Information about Heateflex heaters is available at https://wkfluidhandling.com/zh-hans/products/heaters/.

For more information about Heateflex, please visit www.heateflex.com.

Heateflex 加热器

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