White Knight 调压阀



White Knight的压力调节器提供远程试验的能力来维持系统压力的高纯度化学品循环回路和系统中有多个工具滴或释放点。 全PTFE和PFA液的路径。 最高在100°C和7公斤。 可以精确的减少系统中的脉冲。 调压阀允许1/2 3/4及1英寸的型号 – 取决于的接头尺寸和管子外径。 流量通过或该管道的内径是1/8英寸小于连接尺寸。



  • 遥控
  • PTFE和PFA材质的液体管路
  • 无橡胶O形圈或额外的密封
  • 非金属的设计消除了潜在的污染
  • 安全、无泄漏操作
  • 各种液体连接选项的
  • 最少的零件耐用的设计
  • 完整的压力计接口

iPolymer PTFE手动控制调压阀

iPolymer forward-pressure regulators have a PTFE wetted flow path for use in DI water, aggressive chemicals, and corrosive media. They are ideal for high-purity processes in solar, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical process applications. All configurations are fitted for panel mounting simple adjustment knob to control fluid pressure at the outlet. The PTFE-coated stainless steel adjustment screw is configured for low torque, reliable manual operation. They are available in two factory-set regulating options 0-40 or 30-60 psi.



  • PTFE & TFM wetted surfaces
  • PVDF, Brass, Polypro, and SS non-wetted materials
  • Coated-steel regulating springs
  • Up to 140°F (60°C) ambient
  • Up to 266°F (130°C) liquid
  • Up to 90 psi inlet pressure
  • Regulate from 0-40 or 30-60 psi