Sterilization & Cleaning

Heateflex Ultra-Pure Fluid & Gas Sterilization & Cleaning Systems

Purity is an essential component in a variety of manufacturing processes across industries. Maintaining a sterile environment guarantees that customers achieve quality product outcomes and enhanced yields. Sterilization and cleaning can be accomplished by using steam, deionized water, ultraviolet light or filtration. Heateflex systems are built with PVDF/PFA plastic flow paths to ensure that the highest standards of purity can be obtained. For large quantities of fluids, Heateflex has designed a DI water heating system that provides higher purity than any other product on the market. High-quality electro-polished stainless steel, and a patented design that incorporates sanitary fittings and high-performance heating modules, enable sterilization and cleaning for a variety of markets such as food & beverage manufacturing, medical devices, biopharmaceutical, semiconductor and many others.

Heateflex Aquarius 탈 이온수 (DI) 히터

Aquarius® Deionized (DI) Water Heater Systems

Aquarius® deionized (DI) water heater systems are the perfect solution for high-purity heating applications that…

Aquarius® Heaters
Heateflex Demeter Dispense Heaters

Demeter™ Food Microbiology Media Preparation Systems

Demeter™ is a highly innovative new system for food microbiology lab testing. Want higher lab productivity, increased test…

Demeter Dispense Heaters
Heateflex Fluidix Steam Powered Deionized DI Water Heater Systems

Fluidix® Steam-Powered DI Water Heater Systems

Fluidix® steam-powered deionized (DI) water heater systems offer the semiconductor industry a low-cost alternative to…

Fluidix® Heaters
Heateflex PFA 초 순수 인라인 유체 히터

Ultrapure In-Line PFA & PVDF/PFA Fluid Heaters

For semiconductor, solar, MEMS, and other industries that require the most exacting standards of purity…

PVDF/PFA Heaters
Heateflex True Sanitary In-Line Fluid Heaters

True Sanitary In-Line Fluid Heaters

Heateflex true sanitary in-line fluid heaters meet the demanding fluid heating applications of semiconductor, medical…

True Sanitary Heaters
Heateflex 스테인레스 스틸 울트라 퓨어 유체 히터

Poseidon™ SS Ultra-Pure Fluid Heater Systems

Poseidon™ stainless steel ultra-pure fluid heater systems offer a unique option for manufacturing operations requiring…

Poseidon™ Heaters
Heateflex SX Stainless Steel High-Flow Fluid Heater Systems

SX SS High-Flow Fluid Heater Systems

The versatile SX stainless steel high-flow fluid heater system is ideal for a variety of applications with…

SX Heater Systems
Heateflex N2 스테인레스 스틸 질소 히터

N2 SS Heaters

Stainless steel N2 heaters for high-purity wafer drying and parts cleaning, the Heateflex stainless steel N2 heater is suitable for nitrogen…

N2 SS Heaters
Heateflex Aquarius 탈 이온수 (DI) 히터

Aquarius® Deionized (DI) Water Heater Systems

Aquarius® deionized (DI) water heaters are the perfect solution for high-purity DI Water heating applications that require highly accurate temperature control. Its Power-to-Flow Control® feature provides one of the most accurate temperature controls available in DI water heating systems, and it eliminates undesirable overshoots or drops in temperature due to inadequate PID controllers. Aquarius® systems are engineered to deliver high flows of continuous, at-temperature, hot DI water.

  • Ultra-pure design with PVDF/PFA wetted surfaces
  • Programmable logic controller delivers enhanced temperature stability
  • No N2 purge required
  • Plug-and-play system with fully integrated controls
  • High-resolution touch-screen
  • Save costs by reducing the need for multiple immersion heaters
Aquarius® DI Water Heater Systems