White Knight Pressure Regulators

Automatically Control System Pressure Without Additional Circuitry or Feedback

Pressure Regulators

White Knight forward and back-pressure regulators offer remote piloting capability to maintain system pressure for high-purity chemical circulation loops and systems with multiple tool drops or dispense points. They feature fully-swept PTFE/PFA flow paths. They operate at up to 100°C (212°F) and 7 Bar (100 psi). They are air-spring loaded, highly accurate, and reduce system pulsation. Pressure regulators are available in 1/2-in, 3/4-in and 1-in models — determined by the connection size and outer diameter of the tubing. The flow through, or inner diameter of the tubing, is 1/8-in smaller than the connection size.

White Knight High-Purity Back-Pressure Regulators

Features & Benefits

  • Remotely piloted
  • PTFE/PFA fully-swept fluid paths
  • No O-rings or extraneous seals
  • Metal-free design eliminates potential contamination
  • 1/2 in models have 3/8 in flow-through
    3/4 in models have 5/8 in flow-through
    1 in models have 7/8 in flow-through
  • Safe, leak-free operation
  • Class 100 clean room assembly, testing, and packaging
  • Various liquid connection options
  • Minimal parts for durable design
  • Easy to install and service
  • No maintenance required during two year warranty
  • Integral gauge port

System Diagrams

Back-Pressure Regulators

A single back-pressure regulator equalizes upstream fluid pressure across multiple discharge outlets.

White Knight Back-Pressure Regulator System Diagram

Forward-Pressure Regulators

Forward-pressure regulators control downstream fluid pressure. Each discharge pressure needs a regulator.

White Knight Forward-Pressure Regulator System Diagram

System Demonstration


Back-Pressure Regulators

White Knight Back-Pressure Regulator Operation

Forward-Pressure Regulators

White Knight Forward Pressure Regulator Operation

Supply Air

Maintainable Pressure

Variable Pressure


RBA08 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RBA08 1/2-inch Back Pressure Regulator

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Download RBA08 Dimensions (PDF)

RBA12 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RBA08 3/4-inch Back Pressure Regulator

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Download RBA12 Dimensions (PDF)

RBA16 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RBA08 1-inch Back Pressure Regulator

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Download RBA16 Dimensions (PDF)

RFA08 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RFA08 1/2-inch Forward Pressure Regulator

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Download RFA08 Dimensions (PDF)

RFA12 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RFA08 3/4-inch Back-Pressure Regulator

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Download RFA12 Dimensions (PDF)

RFA16 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RFA08 1-inch Forward Pressure Regulator

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Download RFA16 Dimensions (PDF)


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