Accuheat™ 석영 인라인 유체 히터

Accuheat 석영 인라인 유체 히터 4.5 kW 208 VAC 10-000-2144


Accuheat™ chemical inline heaters consist of ultra pure quartz tubes, wrapped in an Inconel heater element that provides even, conductive heat over the entire area. Alumina Silica insulation is tightly packed to minimize heat loss and the PTFE housing offers chemical resistance and a low surface temperature. Also included within the housing are numerous temperature sensors and leak detection devices to ensure safe and efficient operation. For the ultimate in high purity, Accuheat™ quartz heaters can be made of synthetic quartz materials with even lower trace element levels than standard semiconductor-grade materials.

Accuheat™ Mini-Quartz In-Line Chemical Heater BrochureAccuheat™ Quartz In-Line Chemical Heater Brochure
Accuheat™ 주문 지침견적 요청대리점 위치 및 연락처


Quartz in-line heaters can be used in many applications requiring heating of high purity process fluids such as acids and cleaning solutions. The traditional application uses the acid in-line heater as part of the recirculation loop, either as the sole heat source or in combination with a heated quartz tank for faster heat up times and better control. Below you will see the typical installations of quartz chemical heaters:

Single Pass Point of Use

Accuheat Quartz In-Line Heater Single Pass Diagram

Recirculating Loop

Accuheat Quartz In-Line Heater Recirculating Loop Diagram

Conductive Heating Element

Many commonly-used chemistries do not readily absorb infrared heat, making infrared heaters a poor choice for some processes. Heaters employing this technology often have maintenance issues and require cooling or a purge to prevent overheating failures. IMTEC chose a special conductive heater element to reduce maintenance and overall cost of ownership.

Quartz Fluid Path

Quartz performs well with almost any chemistry including solvents. Since the fluid path is quartz, IMTEC’s in line units can also be used as high-purity solvent heaters. Ultrapure synthetic quartz materials are also available.

Power Modulator

IMTEC’s proprietary power modulator ensures that the exact amount of heat for any process is applied- no more, no less. During initial heat-up, the rate of heat transfer gradually decreases with time. When the rate of heat transfer bottoms out, the power modulator turns the heater off, allowing the heat built up in the quartz to disperse into the liquid.

Turning off the heater when it isn’t needed means that there is no wasted energy, and no undue stress on components caused by over-heating. IMTEC’s proprietary technology ensures minimal heat-up times with an efficient use of energy for any application.

Key Benefits

  • Uniform heating
  • No purge or cooling required
  • Easy to install, less expensive to operate
  • Minimal heat-up time – no energy wasted
  • Redundant safety features for a safe environment
  • Zero maintenance
  • IMTEC reliability with our 40 years of experience
  • Available in ultrapure synthetic quartz

Zero Maintenance

  • No lamp replacement
  • No calibration
  • No reflectors to clean
  • No leaks
  • Self draining


ACCUHEAT Quartz In-line Chemical Heater
3.0 KW, 4.5 KW, 6.0 KW, 7.5KW, 9.0 KW, 13.0 KW, Custom Wattage Available
6.0 KW, 9.0 KW, 12.0 KW, 15.0 KW, 18.0 KW, 26.0 KW, Custom Wattage Available
Process Chemistries
Phosphoric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, and more. See material compatibility page.
Max Operating Temperature
Max Pressure
40 PSI continuous (@ 150°C Max)
208VAC, 240VAC, 400VAC (some models), single or 3 phase model dependent
Accuheat 석영 인라인 유체 히터 4.5 kW 208 VAC 10-000-2144

Single-Tube 4.5 kW

Accuheat 석영 인라인 유체 히터 12 kW

Dual-Tube 12 kW
No Manifold

Accuheat 석영 인라인 유체 히터 18 kW

Dual-Tube 18 kW
F-Style Manifold

Accuheat 석영 인라인 유체 히터 26 kW 208 VAC 3 PH

Dual-Tube 26 kW
H-Style Manifold