Quartz 고순도 인라인 유체 히터

Heateflex Quartz High-Purity In-Line Fluid-Heaters
Heateflex Quartz High-Purity In-Line Fluid-Heaters
Quartz 히터 브로셔


Quartz 고순도 인라인 유체 히터 meet the stringent heating standards required for semiconductor manufacturing. This heater uses GE Quartz 214 wetted surfaces to ensure high-purity and chemical compatibility with most process fluids. The heating elements mount directly on the quartz surface, providing an effective heat transfer via conduction. With no lamps to replace and no cooling air required, the cost of ownership for this heater is low. Furthermore, this heater mounts either vertically or horizontally, which allows for flexibility in integrating with existing equipment.

Designed for Efficiency

In order to limit heat loss while reducing temperature on the surface, this heater features an insulation layer between the vessel and the PVDF housing. In addition, a power modulator further regulates the heater’s temperature for consistent operation.


Heateflex Quartz 인라인 유체 히터 incorporate several important safety features. For example, redundant safety sensors provide temperature control and leak detection. Also, thermal snap switches for both the heater and the housing ensure safe heater operation within the prescribed range. A ground wire also provides protection for both the heater and the operator.


Standard output for this heater is 6.0 kW at 180º C, 208 VAC, 1 and 3-phase, with other kW outputs available. The maximum operating pressure is 30 psi.

기능 및 이점

  • Low cost of ownership due to no lamps to replace and no cooling air required
  • Horizontal or Vertical mounting provides installation flexibility with installation
  • Conductive heating elements placed directly on quartz ware provides efficient indirect heat transfer

안전 설비

  • Power Modulator
  • Redundant Safety Sensors
  • Thermal Snap Switches
  • Insulation
  • Ground Wire Protection


Quartz High-Purity In-Line Fluid Heater
Wetted Surfaces
GE 214 Quartz
6.0 kW Standard (Dependent on Customer Voltage)
208 VAC Standard, 1ph & 3ph Available (Other Dependent on Wattage)
Max Temperature
180°C (356°F)
Max Pressure
40 PSI
견적 요청대리점 위치 및 연락처