Accubath™ Heated Stainless Steel Process Tanks

Accubath Stainless Steel Heated Tank


IMTEC has set the global standard for both static and recirculating heated process tank. Our complete line of Accubath systems deliver unsurpassed process performance, reliability, and safety in wet systems throughout the world.

Our commitment to engineering excellence has consistently given IMTEC’s customers exceptionally dependable and advanced process equipment. The Accubath combines the highest quality materials and engineering designs to create vessels that enhance your process.

Our Stainless Steel tanks are your high-purity alternative for chemicals not compatible with Quartz. These processes included solvent cleaning and stripping.

Please review our material compatibility chart to find out which material works best for your process.


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Accubath Stainless Steel Recirculating Heated Tank

Features & Benefits

  • Highest Purity Materials – RA10 finish, electro-polished 316LSSN seamless vessels.
  • Versatility – Available in static or recirculating models. Accommodates special chemistries solvents and strippers.
  • Safer Operation – High-freeboard vessels with or without condensing collars and lids for VOC’s are available.
  • Options – Drains, locator studs, sensor probe holders, and many more.


General specifications apply to Accubath stainless steel heated baths. Model specific information is supplied with each bath. Please review material compatibility.

Accubath Heated
Stainless Steel Tank
Tank Material
Type 316L Electropolished
Stainless Finish
RA10 seamless
Housing Material,
Fire Retardent
Housing Material,
FM 4910 Optional
sensor 1
Two (2) J-type thermocouples
sensor 2
Thermostatic snap switch
(opens at 210°C +/- 7°C)
Heater Elements
Low watt density
Silicon Rubber
High Density
Aluminum Silicate
Max. operating
Operating voltage
Limited Warranty
One Year