Heateflex 工业加热设备

We produce a wide range of tanks, from air receivers to expansion tanks, as well as mixing and storage units. Filter vessels come in single- and multi-bag configurations. With an important focus on water conservation and eco-utilization, our filter vessels and tanks are also used for water storage, desalinization, and desulfurization. As a company headquartered in California, we know first-hand the importance of correct water usage. Our products are time-tested and engineered to be durable for a variety of manufacturing needs.

Heateflex Fluidix 蒸汽动力去离子(DI)热水器系统

Fluidix® 蒸汽动力去离子热水器

Fluidix® steam-powered deionized (DI) water heater systems offer the semiconductor industry a low-cost…

Fluidix® 加热器
Heateflex Aries 溶剂加热器

Aries 溶剂加热器

Aries solvent heaters safely heat thermally-sensitive fluids such as Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), EKC photoresist remover…

Aries 溶剂加热器
Heateflex PFA 浸入式水箱加热器

PFA 浸入式水箱加热器

Heateflex immersion tank heaters are great for heating fluid baths to a constant temperature. These tank heaters are…

PFA Tank 加热器
Heateflex N2 不锈钢氮气加热器

N2 不锈钢加热器

N2 stainless steel heaters for high-purity wafer drying and parts cleaning, the Heateflex Stainless Steel N2 Heater is suitable for nitrogen…

N2 不锈钢加热器
Heateflex Aquarius 去离子水加热器系统

Aquarius® 去离子(DI)热水器系统

Aquarius® 去离子(DI)热水器 are the perfect solution for high-purity DI Water heating applications that require highly accurate temperature control. Its Power-to-Flow Control® feature provides one of the most accurate temperature controls available in DI water heating systems, and it eliminates undesirable overshoots or drops in temperature due to inadequate PID controllers. Aquarius® systems are engineered to deliver high flows of continuous, at-temperature, hot DI water.

  • Ultra-pure design with PVDF/PFA wetted surfaces
  • Programmable logic controller delivers enhanced temperature stability
  • No N2 purge required
  • Plug-and-play system with fully integrated controls
  • High-resolution touch-screen
  • Save costs by reducing the need for multiple immersion heaters
Aquarius® 去离子(DI)热水器系统