Blending & Mixing

Heateflex Ultra-Pure Fluid Blending & Mixing Systems

Mixing and blending are often the most demanding operations in chemical process applications. Heateflex engineers solutions for industries that rely heavily on mixing, blending and heating technology, such as found in the semiconductor, life science, and food & beverage industries. Heateflex tools enable fast blend times, with added flexibility, ease of cleaning, and a range of customized features that are carefully designed to optimize scale-up and to ensure effective and efficient mixing.

Heateflex also incorporates blending technologies in temperature trimming applications where precise degree control is of utmost importance. Our patented technologies achieve accurate and consistent DI water temperatures by successfully blending cool/ambient water with heated supply water.


Fluidix® Steam-Powered DI Water Heater Systems

Fluidix® steam-powered deionized (DI) water heater systems offer the semiconductor industry a low-cost alternative to…

Fluidix® Heaters

Aquarius® Deionized (DI) Water Heater Systems

Aquarius® deionized (DI) water heaters are the perfect solution for high-purity DI Water heating applications that require highly accurate temperature control. Its Power-to-Flow Control® feature provides one of the most accurate temperature controls available in DI water heating systems, and it eliminates undesirable overshoots or drops in temperature due to inadequate PID controllers. Aquarius® systems are engineered to deliver high flows of continuous, at-temperature, hot DI water.

  • Ultra-pure design with PVDF/PFA wetted surfaces
  • Programmable logic controller delivers enhanced temperature stability
  • No N2 purge required
  • Plug-and-play system with fully integrated controls
  • High-resolution touch-screen
  • Save costs by reducing the need for multiple immersion heaters
Aquarius® DI Water Heater Systems