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Closed-Loop Control

Automatically maintain specified flow or pressure in high-purity systems capable of high temperatures and suction lift! Read more...

High-Purity Closed-Loop Control Systems

Electronic-Controlled Stepper Metering Pump

Electronic Metering Pumps

Accurately dispense up to 50ml

The PEM050 is capable of accurately dispensing 1-50ml of corrosive media with ±0.01% repeatability at pressures up to 60-80 PSI. Read more...


PSD08TE Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

PSD Series AODD Pumps

Pumps for corrosive materials

The long life and low air consumption of our air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. Read more...


Get a pump recommendation, flow calculation or download our conversion software. Read more...

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Why Choose White Knight

Product Features and Benefits That Give You Competitive Advantages

At White Knight, we understand the importance of purity in both the material and the manufacturing environment,
and we go to great lengths to guarantee the purest, cleanest pumps with the industry's best warranty.

Consistent Quality Pure PTFE

Consistent Quality,
100% Pure PTFE

We use PTFE powdered resin to guarantee quality.

Double Bagged White Knight Pump

Complete In-House Quality Control

In-house engineering and manufacturing allows us to document every process to guarantee quality.

Metals Contamination Prevention in Class 100 Clean Rooms

Preventing Metals Contamination

White Knight maintains five segregated Class 100 clean rooms for new products, servicing and rebuilds.

Environmental Responsibility Rebuild Kit Example

Environmental Responsibility

Our pumps remain clean enough to be recycled. This pump was returned after nine years in the field.