White Knight Heateflex ヒーター

Ultra-Pure Heating Solutions

Heateflex offers a wide range of ultra-pure heaters, including gas heating systems, industrial water heaters, and immersion heaters for heating deionized water, chemicals, gases, and solvents.

Heateflex products are designed to precisely control heating and cooling for ultra-pure fluids and gases. The company specializes fluid temperature control systems, gas heating systems, deionized water heaters, steam heaters, heat exchangers, chemical heaters, industrial heaters, and other precision heating and cooling products. Heateflex products are engineered primarily for use in semiconductor, life sciences, food and beverage, industrial and other precision process markets. However, they are also used for applications in the solar, cosmetic, water treatment, hospitality, optics and other industries as well. Heateflex also custom products to fit specific user needs.




Accuheat PFA インライン薬液ヒーター

Accuheat® PFA Chemical インラインヒーター

Accuheat® PFA chemical インラインヒーター are ideal for heating hydrofluoric acid (HF), potassium hydroxide (KOH),…

Accuheat® PFA Chemical インラインヒーター
Accuheat 石英高純度インライン薬液ヒーター Dual Tube 12000 Watts

Accuheat® Chemical 石英インラインヒーター

Accuheat® chemical 石英インラインヒーター consist of ultra-pure quartz tubes, wrapped in a heater element that provides…

Accuheat® Chemical 石英インラインヒーター
Accuheat PFA インライン溶剤ヒーター

Accuheat® PFA インライン溶剤ヒーター

Accuheat® PFA インライン溶剤ヒーター are ideal for Isopropyl alcohol, Acetone, Ethanol, Toluene, EKC, MEK, NMP,…

Accuheat® PFA インライン溶剤ヒーター
Accuheat Quartz 石英インライン気体ヒーター

Accuheat® 石英インライン Gas ヒーター

Accuheat® 石英インライン Gas ヒーター for Nitrogen (N2), Ammonia (NH3), Helium (He), Argon (Ar), BCl3, HCl, CO, CO2,…

Accuheat® 石英インライン Gas ヒーター
Heateflex Aquarius 脱イオン(DI)温水器システム

Aquarius® 脱イオン(DI)温水器システム

Aquarius® deionized (DI) water heater systems are the perfect solution for high-purity heating applications that…

Aquarius® ヒーター
Heateflex Fluidix 蒸気で動脱イオン(DI)温水器システム

Fluidix® 蒸気で動く脱イオン(DI)温水器システム

Fluidix® 蒸気で動く脱イオン(DI)温水器システム offer the semiconductor industry a low-cost alternative to…

Fluidix® ヒーター
Heateflex PFA 超純インライン流体暖房器

PFA 超純インライン流体ヒーター

HC Series in-line heaters feature PFA flow paths for optimal compatibility with aggressive acids and chemicals…

PFA ヒーター
Heateflex LH1 PVDF PFA 超純インライン流体ヒーター

PVDF/PFA 超純インライン流体ヒーター

PVDF/PFA fluid heaters ideal for heating deionized water, acids, and less aggressive process chemistries…

Heateflex PFA Immersion Tank Grid Heaters

PFA Immersion Tank ヒーター

Heateflex immersion tank heaters are great for heating fluid baths to a constant temperature. These tank heaters are…

PFA Tank ヒーター
Heateflex Vesper PVDF PFA 熱交換器

Vesper™ PVDF PFA 熱交換器

Vesper™ Series of PVDF/PFA 熱交換器 offer various solutions for heating, cooling, and temperature trimming for…

Vesper™ ヒーター
Heateflex Poseidon ステンレス鋼超純流体暖房器

Poseidon™ ステンレス鋼超純流体ヒーター

Poseidon™ stainless steel ultra-pure fluid heater systems offer a unique option for manufacturing operations requiring…

Poseidon™ ヒーター
Heateflex True Sanitary インライン流体暖房器

True Sanitary インライン流体ヒーター

Heateflex True Sanitary インライン流体ヒーター meet the demanding fluid heating applications of semiconductor, medical..

True Sanitary ヒーター
Heateflex Aries 溶剤暖房器

Aries 溶剤ヒーター

Aries solvent heaters safely heat thermally-sensitive fluids such as Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), EKC photoresist remover…

Aries 溶剤ヒーター
Heateflex N2 ステンレス鋼暖房器

N2 ステンレス鋼ヒーター

ステンレス鋼 N2 ヒーター are for high-purity wafer drying and parts cleaning. Heateflex ステンレス鋼 N2 ヒーター are suitable for nitrogen,…

N2 ステンレス鋼ヒーター
Heateflex Demeter Dispense Heaters

Demeter™ Food Microbiology Media Preparation Systems

Demeter™ is a highly innovative new system for food microbiology lab testing. Want higher lab productivity, increased test…

Demeter Dispense ヒーター
Heateflex SX ステンレス鋼 大流量 流体暖房器

SX ステンレス鋼大流量流体ヒーター

The versatile SX ステンレス鋼大流量流体ヒーター is ideal for a variety of applications with…

SX ステンレス鋼ヒーター
Heateflex Aquarius 脱イオン(DI)温水器システム

Aquarius® 脱イオン(DI)温水器システム

Aquarius® 脱イオン(DI)温水器システム are the perfect solution for high-purity DI Water heating applications that require highly accurate temperature control. Its Power-to-Flow Control® feature provides one of the most accurate temperature controls available in DI water heating systems, and it eliminates undesirable overshoots or drops in temperature due to inadequate PID controllers. Aquarius® systems are engineered to deliver high flows of continuous, at-temperature, hot DI water.

  • Ultra-pure design with PVDF/PFA wetted surfaces
  • Programmable logic controller delivers enhanced temperature stability
  • No N2 purge required
  • Plug-and-play system with fully integrated controls
  • High-resolution touch-screen
  • Save costs by reducing the need for multiple immersion heaters
Aquarius® 脱イオン(DI)温水器システム