Accubath™ ウェットプロセスタンク

Accubath™ 石英ウェットプロセスタンク

Accubath™ heated quartz wet process tanks processes using quartz-compatible chemistries up to 190°C…


Accubath™ PTFE, PVDF, PFA, NPP ウェットプロセスタンク

Accubath™ PTFE, PVDF, PFA, NPP wet process and rinse tanks minimize welding and seams to reduce particles…

PTFE, PVDF, PFA, NPP プロセスタンク

Accubath™ Sapphire ウェーハの洗浄・剥離プロセスタンク

Accubath™ sapphire wet etching process tanks safely and reliably heat chemistries up to 300°C…

Sapphire ウェーハの洗浄・剥離プロセスタンク


Accumeg™ Megasonic メガソニック洗浄装置

Gapless Transducer offers better process uniformity in the tank

Transducers with tightly matched crystals wired together in parallel for small potential difference between crystals

  • Reliable components
  • Extensive 36 month warranty
  • Cassette & cassette-less designs for up to 300 mm wafers & larger substrates
  • High watt density
  • Operates at 70°C+
  • Field replaceable transducer arrays
Accumeg™ Megasonic メガソニック洗浄装置