White Knight distributes Fit-One Fittings in North America. For international sales, please contact Bueno Technology at 886-6-6935311#313 or visit https://zh-tw.buenoeco.com.

Fit-One フッ素ポリマー PFAフィッティング継手


Fit-One Impact Ring and Click-Gauge Diagram

Unique Impact Ring Design

Fit-One fittings are great alternatives to conventional flared fittings. Their impact ring design allows for higher operating temperatures and creates more robust connections. The impact ring firmly grips the tubing and creates strong resistance to pulling forces. Once the fitting nut is screwed tightly, the union between the tubing and fitting body is virtually inseparable.

Optimal Torque Indicator

The Click-Gauge indicates the optimal fastening location, maximizing the performance of the fitting without damaging the connection. When the nut is tightened to the optimal location on the body, the gauge will notify the operator either through a vibration or sound.


  • Conventional Flared connection for easy installation/retrofit
  • Capable of 200°C due to unique “Impact Ring” design
  • Click-Gauge ensures proper torque is applied
  • High-purity PFA construction; All PFA flow path
  • Compatible with wide range of chemistries/gasses
Fit-One PFA Union Fittings

PFA ユニオンフィッティング

Fit-One PFA Reducing Union Fittings

PFA レデューシングユニオン

Fit-One PFA Male Connector Fitting

PFA メイルコネクタ

Fit-One PFA Female Connector Fitting

PFA フィメイルコネクタ

Fit-One PFA Union Adaptor (Pure Bond)

PFA ユニオンアダプタ

Fit-One PFA Union Adaptor Fittings

PFA ユニオンアダプタ-パイプ

Fit-One PFA Reducing Adaptor Fittings

PFA レデューシングアダプタ

Fit-One PFA Fitting Feale Elbow FE

PFA レデューシングアダプタ

Fit-One PFA Reducing Union Elbow Fitting

PFA レデューシングユニオンエルボ

Fit-One RUTA Reducing Union Tee PFA Fittings

PFA レデューシングユニオンティ

Fit-One PFA Reducing Union Adapter Fittings

PFA レデューシングユニオンアダプタ

Fit-One RUTA Reducing Union Adapter Tee

PFA レデューシングユニオンティアダプタ

Fit-One PFA Union Tee Fitting

PFA ユニオンティ

Fit-One PFA Union Elbow Fittings

PFA ユニオンエルボ

Fit-One PFA Male Elbow Fitting

PFA メイルエルボ

Fit-One PFA Male Connector Through Fittings

PFA メイルコネクタスルー

Fit-One PFA Panel Mount Union Fitting

PFA パネルマウントユニオン

Fit-One PFA Female Elbow Fitting

PFA フィメイルエルボ

Fit-One PFA Elbow Adaptor-fitting

PFA エルボアダプタ

Fit-One PFA Union Elbow Adapter Fittings

PFA ユニオンエルボアダプタ

Fit-One PFA Male Branch Tee Fitting

PFA メイルブランジティ

Fit-One PFA Union Flange

PFA ユニオンフランジ

Fit-One PFA CP Cap Fitting

PFA キャップ

Fit-One PFA Fitting Ends

PFA フィメイルエンド

Fit-One PFA Fitting Feale Elbow FE

PFA ユニオンナット

Fit-One PFA HN Half Nut

PFA ハーフナット

Fit-One Heat Flaring Tools

Heat Flaring Tools

Fit-One Cold Flaring Tools

Cold Flaring Tools

Fit-One Compression Ring


Fit-One Special Fittings Wrench

Special Wrench for Fittings