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NOTICE: COVID-19 Operations Update

White Knight, Heateflex, and IMTEC are deemed essential businesses and have resumed normal operations. We are well positioned to execute most regular functions seamlessly. Many office/support staff are working from home, and meetings are done via teleconference/Skype whenever possible. We are committed to minimizing any disruptions, and thank you for your patience as we all navigate this challenging situation. Please contact White Knight for any questions, comments or concerns: (435) 783-6040 | support@wkfluidhandling.com

The CDC continues to provide and update guidance for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in communities. For details, visit https://www.cdc.gov/


Semicon Korea 2021Feb 9-11, 2022, Seoul

Semicon China 2021Mar 23-25, 2022, Shanghai

Semicon Taiwan 2021Dec 28-30, 2021, Taipei

Semicon Europa 2021Nov 16-19, 2021, Munich

Semicon West 2021Dec 7-9, 2021, San Francisco

Semicon Japan 2021Dec 15-17, 2021, Tokyo

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PSD Series AODD Pumps

  PSD Series air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, or AODD pumps, for industrial chemical, semiconductor, solar, LEDs and flat-panel display manufacturing markets offer improved performance, optimized efficiency, simplified maintenance, and reduced noise levels. Their leak-proof, icing-resistant plastic design provides constant, reliable, and safe operation – even with the most corrosive chemicals. PSD Series pumps are available in…


PPM100 Pneumatic Metering Pump

White Knight’s high-purity PPM100 pneumatic metering pumps feature PTFE fluid paths. They are capable of dispensing up to 100 ml of corrosive media with +/-0.1% repeatability at high-pressure (60-85 psi). The pumps offer adjustable flow rates for use in single-wafer processing tools or premix vessels to ensure exact chemistry mixtures, and they allow for in-situ mixing directly at the head.