White Knight Filter Housings

Universal filter housings for high-purity chemicals

White Knight High-Purity Filter Housings

FHA Series Filter Housings

Two-chamber and four-chamber filter housings that enable fluid to pass in parallel or series (in-line). Their compact, non-metallic PTFE and PFA designs offer superior containment and high-flow performance. They fit many filter types, and their filters can be changed without disconnecting liquid lines.

  • Compatible with Code 0 filter cartridges
  • Process-safe PTFE, PFA flow paths
  • Parallel or in-line (series) operation
  • Two-chamber and four-chamber models
  • Leak-free adjustable dual-static crush seals
  • No need to plumb or weld multiple filter housings together
FHA Series Filter Housings
FHU01 High-Temperature Filter Housings

FHU Series Filter Housings

Filter housings capable of up to 210°C (410°F) fluid temperatures that fit standard filter cartridges offered by major suppliers. They provide high-flow performance, and reliable sealing that can be tightened after initial compression loads. These PTFE and PFA housings are nonmetal and enable changing filters without disconnecting liquid lines.

  • Compatible with Code 0 filter cartridges
  • Process-safe PTFE, PFA flow paths
  • Synchro-Thread™ allows for fluids up to 210°C (410°F)
  • Leak-free adjustable dual-static crush seals
FHU Series Filter Housings

Features & Benefits

Filter Housing Models
Fits Code 0 filter cartridges
PTFE, PFA flow paths
Filter Chambers
Two or Four
Parallel or Series (in-line)
Single filter
Tongue-and-Groove Seals
Dual-Static Crush Seals
Thermal Cycling
Maximum Temperature
100°C (212°F)
210°C (410°F)
Maximum Pressure
7 Bar (100 psi)
7 Bar (100 psi)
Low pressure drop
(1-in flow path)
Install Upright or Inverted
Change filters without disconnecting liquid lines
2 Year
1 Year
White Knight Catchers Pre Filters

Catcher™ Pre-Filters

Pre-filters protect components from debris. They feature larger through holes than other pre-filters to avoid loading filters with fine crystals while still filtering solids that could damage pumps. Their filters can be removed and cleaned without disconnecting liquid lines. White Knight pumps damaged by passing solids while using Catchers™ are repaired under warranty.

Catcher™ Pre-Filters
iPolymer PTFE Teflon Disc Filter (TDF)

PTFE Disc Filters

iPolymer PTFE disc filters utilize replaceable filter elements, which form a continuous mat of PTFE fibers. These fibers are fused together to form a screen-like membrane structure. The resultant membrane is hydrophobic and hence aqueous suspensions must be filtered at high rates to overcome surface tension. Because of the non-stick characteristics of PTFE, the natural lubricity of all-wetted surfaces, and the easy replacement of filter elements, entrapped contaminates may be easily removed.

PTFE Disc Filters