White Knight iPolymer Solenoid Valves

High-Purity PTFE Solenoid Valves for ultra clean chemicals

White Knight has acquired iPolymer and is pleased to offer their diverse line of PTFE vales, fittings, spray guns, air cylinders, and other fluoropolymer products.

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PTFE Miniature Solenoid Valves

iPolymer PTFE Miniature Solenoid Valves include 2-Way and 3-Way Valves with a variety of body configurations, seat sealing methods and solenoid coils. The valves feature PTFE wetted flow paths that are optimized for ultra clean and chemical applications. These ultrapure PTFE Valves offer precision performance under extreme conditions. iPolymer also custom configures valves for specific application requirements, including; vacuum applications and unique manifold configurations.


  • PTFE design optimized for ultra clean and chemical compatibility.
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable coil response time from proven technology.
  • High Duty Cycle Rated with controlled ambient temperatures.
  • Valve seat and diaphragm designed for positive flushing and tight shut off.
  • Non porous diaphragm configured to completely isolate solenoid coil from media.
  • O-ring seat configurations for vacuum and complex media applications.
  • Designed for aggressive media and elevated temperature.

Standard Options

  • 12 or 24 VDC. 24, 115, or 230 VAC.
  • 3-Way, 2-Way NC, or 2-Way NO configurations.
  • Flare, compression tube or FNPT pipe styles.
  • EPDM, Viton, Aflas, or Kalrez O-ring.
  • Optional PTFE hard seat.
  • For 3-way valves, select from 4 orientations

Special 20 VDC Low-Watt Coil

iPolymer miniature solenoid valve can be configured with a special 20 VDC Low Watt Coil (6.7W). This configuration is available for 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8-in body sizes with O-ring seat seals.

PTFE Miniature Solenoid Valves

PTFE Sub-Miniature Solenoid Valves

iPolymer PTFE Subminiature Solenoid Valves are offered in 2-Way NC, 2-Way NO, and 3-Way designs. The valves feature all PTFE wetted surfaces ideal for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, bio-medical and chemical process applications utilizing ultraclean and highly corrosive fluids. The standard version of these valves include a PTFE body, stem, and diaphragm. iPolymer also offers this valve body in PEEK and Polypro. There are four port orientations available for 3-Way valves. Configuration options for the O-Ring Seat Seals are EPDM, Viton, Aflas and Kalrez.


  • PTFE design for ultra clean & chemical compatibility.
  • Configurations available for DC & AC voltages.
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable coil technology.
  • Diaphragm designed for positive flushing.
  • Non-porous diaphragm completely isolate coil.
  • Maximum recommended Duty Cycle 62%.
  • Designed for aggressive media & elevated temps.


  • 2-Way or 3-Way PTFE subminiature solenoid valve configurations
  • Nine Port Styles to choose from: #10-32-UNF, 1/4″-28-UNF, 1/16″ FNPT/Tube, 1/8″ FNPT/Tube, 1/4″ FNPT/Tube/Flare
  • Four Actuation Coils to choose from: 115VAC, 24VAC, 12VDC, or 24VDC
  • Four O-Ring Seat Seals to choose from: EPDM, Viton, Alfas or Kalrez
  • Two Body-Port Configurations: Normally Closed and Normally Open
PTFE Subminiature Solenoid Valves