White Knight Legacy Pumps

Revolutionary PTFE Pumps for High-Purity Chemicals

Many legacy pumps are discontinued. Newer bellows pumps offer better performance, improved reliability, extended pump life, and shorter lead times in similar sizes. Pump replacements are listed below, and comparison information is available on legacy pump webpages.

AP40EXT3 and PL60 pumps are not discontinued. Please visit the AP40EXT3 pump webpage for more information. Although PL60 has no direct replacement, PSA060 pumps are recommended upgrades. See comparisons on the PL Series webpage.


White Knight legacy model pumps were the world’s first 100% metal-free, PTFE/PFA pumps. We have since improved upon legacy designs and released high-purity pumps with improved performance, better reliability, extended pump life, longer warranties, shorter lead times, and more. See replacement pumps for your model (right) and contact us for details.

White Knight X Series Pumps for Semiconductor

X Series Pumps

Replacement: PSA or PSR

White Knight AP Series Pumps for Semiconductor

AP Series Pumps

Replacement: PSA or PSR

White Knight PX Series Pumps for Semiconductor