Applications Supported by White Knight


White Knight high-purity pumps are built on decades of innovative engineering and in-house manufacturing processes, which provides complete quality control. With quality controlled at every step, White Knight pumps are ideally suited for the most critical applications. Our pumps have been proven reliable in the harshest and most demanding environments.

White Knight Pumps for Chemical Delivery Applications

Chemical Delivery

Deliver up to 140 lpm (36 gpm) of ultra-pure chemicals at up to 7 Bar (100 psi) air supply pressures with the full dead-head and reliable, consistent restart capabilities.

White Knight Pumps for Chemical Recirculation Applications

Chemical Recirculation

Reliable high-performance pumps ideal for ultra-pure wet process equipment. Get increased flow at higher temperatures with less pulsation, better seals, and more.

White Knight Pumps for Chemical Waste Disposal Applications

Chemical Reclaim & Bulk Transport

Reliable high-flow pumps enable offloading ultra-pure chemicals from manufacturing and fabrication plants around the world.

White Knight Pumps for CMP Slurry Applications

CMP Slurry

Durable pumps with low pulsation to prevent shear while gently pumping slurry.

White Knight Pumps for Chemical Dosing Blending Spiking Applications

Blending, Mixing, Spiking

Manual and electronic stepper-controlled metering pumps that accurately dispense corrosive media. The pumps operate with a fully supported rolling diaphragm to maximize discharge pressure capabilities.

Heateflex Fluid Heating Applications

Fluid Heating

uniquely-engineered ultra-pure precision heaters for heating various chemical and plating solutions, gases, solvents and deionized water. Our award-winning engineers design and manufacture components from…

Heateflex Heat Exchange Applications

Heat Exchange

Heat exchangers that feature the largest surface area in the smallest allowable space to provide compact footprints and more efficient transfer rates to optimize response times.

Heateflex Temperature Sensing & Control Applications

Temperature Control

We provide an extensive array of instrumentation to measure and control temperatures based on preset standards, with no need for external operation. Microprocessor-based units provide accurate, reliable upper-limit temperature protection to…

Heateflex Sterilization Cleaning Applications

Sterilization & Cleaning

Maintaining a sterile environment guarantees that customers achieve quality product outcomes and enhanced yields. Sterilization and cleaning can be accomplished by using steam, deionized water, ultraviolet light or filtration.

Heateflex Fluid Filtration Applications


Filtration and distillation technologies have a broad range of applications in material and chemical processing industries. Increasing yield throughout the process is of utmost importance for manufacturers in high-purity applications.

Heateflex Media Preparation Applications

Media Preparation

Life science and testing industries—including environmental, pathogen, water, and food—produce and consume large volumes of media, buffers and broths. The accuracy of the test depends on the proper preparation of the media.