Pressure Vessels for High-Purity Chemicals

Dispense Chemical With Absolutely No Pulsation


White Knight’s PTFE and PFA pressure vessels provide laminar flow at the point of use and serve as chemical holding or mixing tanks. They are available in 4-inch diameters and in various connectable pipe lengths. They feature configurable port connections, and PTFE manifold ends can be designed with more ports or integrated valves. Capacitive sensor ports for high- and low-liquid levels are standard. Mid-liquid level sensing adapters are also available.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemically resistant PTFE and PFA fluid path for chemical dispense and mixing in harsh applications
  • Eight connection ports for monitoring, fill, and dispense allow for advanced customizations
  • Models capable of up to 6 liters available
  • Extruded PFA pipe with threaded connections and Tongue-and-Groove seals offer easy setup and maintenance without welding
  • Pressure capabilities up to 7 Bar (100 psi) provide high flow rates and allow for faster processes
  • Operates in applications up to 100°C (212°F)
  • Two-year warranty
White Knight Pressure Vessels for Ultra-Pure Chemicals
PV4 Specification Sheet
PV41-F12F12F4F4-B00B00B0B0-B00 Exploded ViewPV46-F12F12F4F4-B00B00B0B0-B00 Exploded View
PV4 CAD Models
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White Knight Ultra-Pure PTFE and PFA Pump Materials
Chemical Recirculation and Delivery 7 Bar (100 psi) Pressures
Fluid Temperatures to 100 Degrees Celsius (212 Degrees Fahrenheit)
White Knight Two-Year Warranty


Dimensions: [mm] in

(without diptube)
(with diptube)
1 liter
254 (10.0)
270 (10.6)
142 (5.6)
2 liter
393 (15.5)
409 (16.1)
280 (11.1)
3 liter
531 (20.9)
547 (21.5)
419 (16.5)
4 liter
755 (29.7)
771 (30.4)
643 (25.3)
5 liter
894 (35.2)
910 (35.8)
782 (30.8)
6 liter
1033 (40.7)
1049 (41.3)
920 (39.0)

*Fitting height will vary according to type of fitting used. Other fitting options include Super 300 Pillar, Weldable, FNPT. Unused parts are plugged with Tongue-and-Groove seal plug.

PV4 Dimensions (PDF)


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