White Knight Catcher™ Pre-Filters

Protect pumps from wafer shards and other harmful solids


White Knight Catcher™ pre-filters protect pumps from wafer shards and other harmful solids. They feature larger through holes than other pre-filters to avoid loading filters with fine crystals while still filtering solids that could damage pumps. The filter can be removed and cleaned without disconnecting liquid lines. If a passing a solid damages a White Knight pump while using a Catcher™, White Knight will repair the pump at no charge.

In-line Catchers™ are for all White Knight pumps. Pump-mounted PFII050, PFII100 and PFII300 pre-filters are for White Knight 30-, 60- and 140-LPM pumps, respectively.

PF and PFII Catcher™ pre-filters can operate at up to 210°C (410°F) with appropriate fluid connections. FLR and NPT catchers operate at up to 100°C (212°F).

Features & Benefits

  • In-line and pump-mount options
  • Large through-holes to avoid loading
  • Filter may be removed without removing the Catcher™ from the pump or line
  • Pump components damaged by passing solids while using Catchers™ are repaired under warranty
  • 100% PTFE & PFA in liquid path
  • Safe, leak-free operation
  • Minimal parts for durable design
  • Easy to install and service
  • Various liquid connection sizes and styles

Pump-Mounted Catcher™ Pre-Filters


White Knight PFII050-E Pre-Filters


White Knight PFII100-P Pre-Filters


White Knight PFII300-P Pre-Filters

In-Line Catcher™ Pre-Filters


White Knight PF050FLR Pre-Filters


White Knight PF100FLR Pre-Filters


White Knight PF100-EE Pre-Filters


White Knight PF100NPT Pre-Filters