White Knight iPolymer PTFE Body Gauge Isolators

White Knight has acquired iPolymer. We are pleased to introduce our customers to iPolyer’s diverse product offerings. Please peruse their products below, and contact iPolymer at info@ipolymer.com, (949) 458-3731, or via their Information Request Form.

iPolymer PTFE Gauge Isolator

iPolymer PTFE Body Gauge Isolators

iPolymer PTFE Body Gauge Isolator protects (Isolates) a pressure gauge or other pressure sensor from the effects of corrosives aggressive media and prevents contamination of ultra-pure liquids. The Gauge Isolator consists of an All-PTFE body, containing a close tolerance machined cavity and a PTFE diaphragm. The upper portion of the cavity is filled with a solution, such as glycerin, silicone or DI water. Media pressure applied to the bottom side of the PTFE diaphragm is transmitted through the solution filled cavity to the gauge, providing accurate readings while isolating the gauge from the media. Gauge fluctuation is minimized by the combination of the diaphragm design and the solution filling the upper portion of the Gauge Isolator.

iPolymer PTFE Body Gauge Isolator
iPolymer PTFE Gauge Isolator Schematics