PSA Series White Knight Pumps

PTFE/PFA Pumps Capable of 100°C (212°F) with On-Board Shuttle Valve


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PSA Series pumps are the ideal solution for ambient temperature, ultra-pure recirculation and delivery applications. These PTFE/PFA pumps are completely metal free and operate with the unique White Knight shuttle valve, which eliminates the need for complicated detents and manual resets. They perform safely and reliably running continuously throughout their two-year warranty. They offer air supply pressures up to 7 Bar (100 psi) and operate in thermal cycling applications with fluid temperatures up to 100°C (212°F).

The pumps are available in four models, PSA015, PSA030, PSA060 and PSA140, which are capable of maximum flow rates of 15, 30, 60 and 140 lpm, respectively.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Metal-Free
  • Process-safe PTFE/PFA flow paths
  • Leak-proof, machined design
  • No elastomer O-rings, no leaks, never retorque
  • No lubrication in shift mechanisms
  • No electric motors, which generate heat
  • Pneumatic Logic™ minimizes liquid pulsation and pump vibration
  • Various liquid connection options
  • Safe, leak-free operation due to no-metal design
  • Polypropylene heads and ceramic in air shuttle valve
  • Minimal parts for durable design
  • Class 100 cleanroom assembly, testing, and packaging
  • Easy to install and service
  • Robust bellows enable supply pressure of 7 Bar (100 psi)
  • Dead-head capable operation
  • No preventative maintenance during two-year warranty
White Knight Ultra-Pure Teflon PTFE/PFA Pump Materials
Chemical Recirculation and Delivery 7 Bar (100 psi) Pressures
Pump Temperatures to 100 Degrees Celsius (212 Degrees Fahrenheit)
White Knight Pneumatic Shuttle Valve Shift Method
White Knight Two-Year Warranty
CE Certification Mark


PSA Series pumps feature White Knight’s Pneumatic Logic™, a detent-free shuttle valve design that improves performance and reliability by minimizing vibration, pulsation and wear.

Need fiber optics or proximity sensors?

PFA Series pumps are controlled with fiber optic sensors. PXA Series pumps are controlled with proximity sensors.

Supply Air

Exhaust Air

Ambient Air

Liquid Suction

Liquid Discharge

Temperature Limits

Need Higher Temperatures?

PSH Series pumps operate up to 145°C (293°F).
PSU Series pumps operate up to 210°C (410°F).

Performance Curves

PSA015 Performance Curves

PSASD015 Performance Curves

PSA030 Performance Curves

PSASD030 Performance Curves

PSA060 Performance Curves

PSASD060 Performance Curves

PSA140 Performance Curves


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PSA015 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

Download PSA015 Dimensions (PDF)

PSA030 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

Download PSA030 Dimensions (PDF)

PSA060 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

Download PSA060 Dimensions (PDF)

PSA140 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

Download PSA140 Dimensions (PDF)


Flow Rate*
13.6 lpm
3.60 gpm
24.7 lpm
6.53 gpm
62.3 lpm
16.46 gpm
123 lpm
32.5 gpm
Size of Air Connection
1/4-in FNPT
1/4-in FNPT
1/4-in FNPT
3/8-in FNPT
Displacement Per Cycle*
0.070 liters
0.018 gal
0.074 liters
0.019 gal
0.178 liters
0.047 gal
0.500 liters
0.132 gal
Cycles Per Minute*
216 max
333 max
348 max
273 max
3.3 kg (7.3 lb)
3.3 kg (7.3 lb)
4.7 kg (10.4 lb)
16.6 kg (36.6 lb)
Suction Lift*
3 m (10 ft)
3 m (10 ft)
3 m (10 ft)
3 m (10 ft)
Sound Pressure**
74.00 dB(a)
79.90 dB(a)
74.00 dB(a)
79.90 dB(a)
73.11 dB(a)
82.50 dB(a)
81.98 dB(a)
91.60 dB(a)
Sound Power**
63.01 dB(a)
69.90 dB(a)
63.01 dB(a)
69.90 dB(a)
64.29 dB(a)
74.11 dB(a)
76.37 dB(a)
83.16 dB(a)
Max Temperature
100°C (212°F)
Max Pressure
7 Bar (100 PSI)
Fluid Path Materials
Non-Fluid Path Materials
PTFE / PFA / PP / Ceramic
Stroke Detection Options
Fiber optic with or without sensor, or solid state pressure switch
Leak Detection Options
Fiber optic with or without sensor, or conductivity
Electronic Control

*May vary depending on configuration. Suction lift diminishes over time. Recommended installation level less than 3' above source.
**dB Level at 60PSI 50CPM (top) and 60PSI maximum CPM (bottom). Sound Levels measured in accordance with ISO9614-2:1997.
***Dry-run capable PSASD030 and PSASD060 pumps require flooded suction and may have a reduced warranty unless prior arrangements are made with White Knight. Contact White Knight for details.