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iPolymer Suckback Valves

PTFE Suck Back Valves

iPolymer PTFE Suck Back Valves are ideal for acid, solvent, photoresist solutions and other process dispensed chemistries. These PTFE valves pull a vacuum to prevent excessive dripping from dispensing nozzles. They feature a PTFE wetted flow path. Our 104168 valve incorporates the suck back feature in a Normally Closed pneumatic valve. When air pressure is removed from the valve actuator, an internal diaphragm is pushed upward which forms a vacuum in the valve body. While the valve is closing, the vacuum sucks back the final droplets of process fluid. Then, the valve completely closes and seals the media flow path. An additional unique feature of the 104168 suck back valve is a Vacuum Adjustment Knob which allows the user to set the vacuum level.

Suck Back Valves Schematic
Item # Port Size End Connection Suck Valve B
SBV-104168-4-F 1/4 in FNPT 2.75 in