White Knight High-Tech Facility Award

Semicon Taiwan 2015

Vice Chair of The High-Tech Facility Committee, Arthur Chuang Ph.D., Sr. Director of NFDD at TSMC, presenting Lindi Liao, White Knight Taiwan, the plaque for contribution appreciation for The High-Tech-Facility Forum during Semicon Taiwan.

White Knight Closed-Loop Control Pump Systems

2013 Best of West Finalist

Solid State Technology and SEMI have selected the Closed-Loop Control System as a 2013 Best of West Award finalist. The closed-loop system provides complete control of high-purity chemical processes and delivery systems with customizable feedback capability to maintain optimum system performance. It is designed to support process tools that require a set flow or pressure at the point of use.

American Psychological Association Workplace Health Award

2012 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

White Knight received Utah Psychological Association’s 2012 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award, which recognizes organizations for workplace practices that create positive work environments. White Knight has dozens of programs intended to improve employee health and well-being, and many also improve the employee performance as well as the company’s products.

Semiconductor International Editors Choice Best Product

Semiconductor International Editors Choice Best Product

White Knight’s AT Series pumps were the world’s first metal-free Teflon® pumps capable of distributing chemistry at temperatures up to 210°C (410°F) in constant or thermal cycling applications. The pumps are capable of air supply pressures up to 4 Bar (60 psi), and they perform safely and reliably for the entirety of their one-year warranty.

DuPont Plunkett Award for Innovation with Teflon

DuPont Plunkett Award for Innovation with Teflon

White Knight’s Pneumatic Logic® was third place winner of the 1997 DuPont Plunkett Award for Innovation with Teflon® , to recognize outstanding uses of DuPont™ polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon® PTFE or Teflon® ) fluoropolymers to create inventive market solutions that benefit the environment, showcase extraordinary innovation, or deliver a market-changing applications.