White Knight Patents

Patents owned by White Knight Fluid Handling are listed below. This list is not a comprehensive list of all White Knight Fluid Handling patents. Copies of US patents are available at www.google.com/patents or www.uspto.gov.

Patents owned by White Knight’s parent company, Graco, Inc., are available at http://www.graco.com/patents.html.

White Knight Patents List

Country Patent Number
US 9605669
US 9360000
US 9004881
US 8636484
US 8622720
US 7458309
US 5871403
US 6651693
US 6295918
EP 2839156
JP 6374528
JP 6189935
JP 6157581
JP 6051464
JP 5600326
KR 10-1759773
KR 10-1614278
TW I597086
TW I582312
TW I575157
TW I540257
TW I519712
TW I473942
TW I435000
TW I338743
Others Pending
White Knight Patents (PDF)