iPolymer Tube Male Connector Fittings Schematic

Item #Male PipeDimension ADimension BTube Outer Diameter
MC-F-12-XX1/8-in NPT1.01 in0.44 in1/16 in
MC-F-21-XX1/16-in NPT1.01 in0.44 in0.125 in
MC-F-22-XX1/8-in NPT1.01 in0.44 in0.125 in
MC-F-24-XX1/4-in NPT1.32 in0.56 in0.125 in
MC-F-32-XX1/8-in NPT1.01 in0.44 in3/16 in
MC-F-41-XX1/16-inNPT1.25 in0.56 in1/4 in
MC-F-42-XX1/8-in NPT1.25 in0.56 in1/4 in
MC-F-44-XX1/4-in NPT1.44 in0.56 in1/4 in
MC-F-46-XX3/8-in NPT1.44 in0.75 in1/4 in
MC-F-48-XX1/2-in NPT1.75 in0.94 in1/4 in
MC-F-52-XX1/8-in NPT1.25 in0.75 in5/16 in
MC-F-54-XX1/4-in NPT1.44 in0.75 in5/16 in
MC-F-56-XX3/8-in NPT1.44 in0.75 in5/16 in
MC-F-64-XX1/4-in NPT1.44 in0.75 in3/8 in
MC-F-66-XX3/8-in NPT1.44 in0.75 in3/8 in
MC-F-68-XX1/2-in NPT1.75 in0.94 in3/8 in
MC-F-84-XX1/4-in NPT1.44 in0.94 in1/2 in
MC-F-86-XX3/8-in NPT1.44 in0.94 in1/2 in
MC-F-88-XX1/2-in NPT1.81 in0.94 in1/2 in
MC-F-108-XX1/2-in NPT1.85 in1.130 in5/8 in
MC-F-1212-XX3/4-in NPT1.87 in1.25 in3/4 in
MC-F-1612-XX3/4-in NPT1.95 in1.50 in1 in
MC-F-1616-XX1-in NPT2.14 in1.50 in1 in
MC-M-42-XX1/8-in NPT1.01 in0.44 in4 mm
MC-M-62-XX1/8-in NPT1.25 in0.56 in6 mm
MC-M-64-XX1/4-in NPT1.44 in0.56 in6 mm
MC-M-84-XX1/4-in NPT1.44 in0.75 in8 mm
MC-M-104-XX1/4-in NPT1.44 in0.94 in10 mm
MC-M-106-XX3/8-in NPT1.44 in0.75 in10 mm
MC-M-126-XX3/8-in NPT1.85 in1.12 in12 mm
MC-M-128-XX1/2-in NPT1.65 in1.25 in12 mm

* The Bore-Through (“-BT”) option is available for Male Connectors #101008 and Unions #101616. This option allows the associated tube to pass completely through the fitting.