iPolymer Pipe Nipple Fitting Schematic

Item #Dimension AHexMNPT Pipe
NP-P-21.01 in7/161/8-in NPT
NP-P-41.5 in9/161/4-in NPT
NP-P-61.5 in3/43/8-in NPT
NP-P-82 in7/81/2-in NPT
NP-P-122 in1-1/83/4-in NPT
NP-P-162.38 in1-3/81-in NPT

Custom extended Pipe Nipples lengths (NP-P-XX-XXX defining the overall pipe length up to 12-in can be supplied). These are supplied in 1/16-in increments. 1-in = 16. 2-in = 32. 12-in = 192.