iPolymer Fluoropolymer Tubing

PTFE, PFA, & FEP Tubing for High-Purity Fluids

iPolymer Fluoropolymer Tubing PTFE PFA FEP

PFA Tubing

iPolymer offers three types of High Purity Tubing. All three are classified as High Purity solutions for ultra-clean applications and are excellent with corrosive media. The tubing choices are UL 94 VO Flammability Rated. They resist combustion and do not promote flame spread. They are also approved for use in food contact applications in compliance with FDA regulation: 21 CFR 177.1550.

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Tubing
  • Fluorinated Ethylene-Propylene (FEP) Tubing
  • Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) Tubing


PTFE Tubing

Item #Outer DiameterInner DiameterWall Thickness
PTFE-250-0301/4 in3/16 in.030 in
PTFE-250-0621/4 in1/8 in.062 in
PTFE-375-0303/8 in5/16 in.030 in
PTFE-375-0623/8 in1/4 in.062 in
PTFE-500-0301/2 in7/16 in.030 in
PTFE-500-0621/2 in3/8 in.062 in
PTFE-625-0625/8 in1/2 in.062 in
PTFE-750-0623/4 in5/8 in.062 in
PTFE-875-0627/8 in3/4 in.062 in
PTFE-1000-0621 in7/8 in.062 in
PTFE-125-0301/8 in1/16 in.030 in

PFA Tubing

Item #Outer DiameterInner DiameterWall Thickness
PFA-125-0301/8 in1/16 in.030 in
PFA-188-0303/16 in1/8 in.030 in
PFA-250-0301/4 in3/16 in.030 in
PFA-250-0621/4 in1/8 in.062 in
PFA-313-0305/16 in1/4 in.030 in
PFA-375-0303/8 in5/16 in.030 in
PFA-375-0623/8 in1/4 in.062 in
PFA-500-0301/2 in7/16 in.030 in
PFA-500-0621/2 in3/8 in.062 in
PFA-625-0305/8 in9/16 in.030 in
PFA-625-0625/8 in1/2 in.062 in

FEP Tubing

FEP-250-0301/4 in3/16 in.030 in
FEP-250-0471/4 in5/32 in.047 in
FEP-250-0621/4 in1/8 in.062 in
FEP-313-0625/16 in3/16 in.062 in
FEP-375-0303/8 in5/16 in.030 in
FEP-375-0623/8 in1/4 in.062 in
FEP-500-0301/2 in7/16 in.030 in
FEP-500-0621/2 in3/8 in.062 in
FEP-1000-0621 in7/8 in.062 in
FEP-1125-0621-1/8 in1 in.062 in