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iPolymer Precision Plug Valves

Precision Plug Valves

iPolymer Precision Plug Valve (PPV) is a precision machined manual control valve manufac- tured from 100% virgin PTFE (all wetted surfaces) and PVDF Stem Nut. The PTFE body and stem perform equally well with harsh chemicals and ultra clean DI water. The basic construction is a single through orifice with a tapered body that matches the tapered plug for positive shut-off. Various orifice and port sizes are available as standard items. Other sizes and configurations are available on request. Our Precision Plug Valve are supplied in two configurations: Straight Flow Pattern (“A”) and Angled Flow Pattern (“B”).

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Item # Port Size Orifice Size Port Type Body Type
PPV-22P-A1/8 in1/8 inFNPTStraight Flow
PPV-44P-A1/4 in1/4 inFNPTStraight Flow
PPV-66P-A3/8 in3/8 inFNPTStraight Flow
PPV-88P-A1/2 in1/2 inFNPTStraight Flow
PPV-21T-A1/8 in1/16 inTubeStraight Flow
PPV-43T-A1/4 in3/16 inTubeStraight Flow
PPV-65T-A3/8 in5/16 inTubeStraight Flow
PPV-87T-A1/2 in7/16 inTubeStraight Flow
PPV-42FF-A1/4 in1/8 inFlareStraight Flow
PPV-64FF-A3/8 in1/4 inFlareStraight Flow
PPV-86FF-A1/2 in3/8 inFlareStraight Flow
PPV-22P-B1/8 in1/8 inFNPTAngle Flow
PPV-44P-B1/4 in1/4 inFNPTAngle Flow
PPV-66P-B3/8 in3/8 inFNPTAngle Flow
PPV-88P-B1/2 in1/2 inFNPTAngle Flow
PPV-21T-B1/8 in1/16 inTubeAngle Flow
PPV-43T-B1/4 in3/16 inTubeAngle Flow
PPV-65T-B3/8 in5/16 inTubeAngle Flow
PPV-87T-B1/2 in7/16 inTubeAngle Flow
PPV-42FF-B1/4 in1/8 inFlareAngle Flow
PPV-64FF-B3/8 in1/4 inFlareAngle Flow
PPV-86FF-B1/2 in3/8 inFlareAngle Flow