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iPolymer Dilution Drain Pneumatic PTFE Valves

Dilution Drain Valves

iPolymer Dilution Drain Valve is ideal for cooling and diluting solutions while draining. The valve is designed to shut off the drain automatically if the water flow is interrupted. The DDV fits tanks with 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4” main drain ports. Main Drain Port & Inlet Port configured to match.

iPolymer Dilution Drain Valves Schematic

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Item # Dilution Ratio Main Drain/Inlet Port O-Ring Type
DDV-02-06-V-T23/8 in FNPTViton
DDV-02-06-K-T23/8 in FNPTKalrez
DDV-02-08-V-T21/2 in FNPTViton
DDV-02-08-K-T21/2 in FNPTKalrez
DDV-02-12-V-T23/4 in FNPTViton
DDV-02-12-K-T23/4 in FNPTKalrez
DDV-06-06-V-T63/8 in FNPTViton
DDV-06-06-K-T63/8 in FNPTKalrez
DDV-06-08-V-T61/2 in FNPTViton
DDV-06-08-K-T61/2 in FNPTKalrez
DDV-06-12-V-T63/4 in FNPTViton
DDV-06-12-K-T63/4 in FNPTKalrez
DDV-10-06-V-T103/8 in FNPTViton
DDV-10-06-K-T103/8 in FNPTKalrez
DDV-10-08-V-T101/2 in FNPTViton
DDV-10-08-K-T101/2 in FNPTKalrez
DDV-10-12-V-T103/4 in FNPTViton
DDV-10-12-K-T103/4 in FNPTKalrez