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iPolymer PTFE Pneumatic Valves

PTFE Pneumatic Valves

iPolymer PTFE Pneumatic Valve (TP Valve) features an all PTFE wetted surface design. The design is ideally suited for harsh chemical and corrosive media and environments. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is well suited for clean room and deionized water applications. iPolymer TP Valves, also known as the White Bandit, for its all white style, is manufactured from pure PTFE. The pneumatic actuator housing is design into the main valve body. These valves are excellent for use within wet bench and extreme pH applications (Acid Parts Cleaning, Chemical Delivery, Chemical Neutralization, DI Water Rinse, Phosphoric Acid Nitride Removal, Potassium Hydroxide Etching, Sulfuric Peroxide Stripping, Wafer Etching).

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Item # Style Port A Size Port B Configuration Port C Configuration
TP-2W8P-O2 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W8P-C2 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-3W8P-OO3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W8P-CC3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W8P-OC3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W8P-CO3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-2W12P-O2 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W12P-C2 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-3W12P-OO3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W12P-CC3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W12P-OC3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W12P-CO3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-2W16P-O2 Way1 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W16P-C2 Way1 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-3W16P-OO3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W16P-CC3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W16P-OC3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W16P-CO3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-2W8P-O-RC2 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-8-P-O-RO2 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-8-P-O-RB2 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-8-P-O-AB2 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-8-P-C-RC2 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-8-P-C-RO2 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-8-P-C-RB2 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-8-P-C-AB2 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-12-P-O-RC2 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-12-P-O-RO2 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-12-P-O-RB2 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-12-P-O-AB2 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-12-P-C-RC2 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-12-P-C-RO2 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-12-P-C-RB2 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-12-P-C-AB2 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-16-P-O-RC2 Way1 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-16-P-O-RO2 Way1 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-16-P-O-RB2 Way1 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-16-P-O-AB2 Way1 inNormally OpenNA
TP-2W-16-P-C-RC2 Way1 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-16-P-C-RO2 Way1 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-16-P-C-RB2 Way1 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-2W-16-P-C-AB2 Way1 inNormally ClosedNA
TP-3W-8-P-OC-RC3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-8-P-OC-RO3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-8-P-OC-RB3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-8-P-OC-AB3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-8-P-OO-RC3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-8-P-OO-RO3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-8-P-OO-RB3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-8-P-OO-AB3 Way1/2 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-8-P-CO-RC3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-8-P-CO-RO3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-8-P-CO-RB3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-8-P-CO-AB3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-8-P-CC-RC3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-8-P-CC-RO3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-8-P-CC-RB3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-8-P-CC-AB3 Way1/2 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-12-P-OC-RC3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-12-P-OC-RO3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-12-P-OC-RB3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-12-P-OC-AB3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-12-P-OO-RC3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-12-P-OO-RO3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-12-P-OO-RB3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-12-P-OO-AB3 Way3/4 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-12-P-CO-RC3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-12-P-CO-RO3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-12-P-CO-RB3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-12-P-CO-AB3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-12-P-CC-RC3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-12-P-CC-RO3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-12-P-CC-RB3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-12-P-CC-AB3 Way3/4 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-16-P-OC-RC3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-16-P-OC-RO3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-16-P-OC-RB3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-16-P-OC-AB3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Closed
TP-3W-16-P-OO-RC3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-16-P-OO-RO3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-16-P-OO-RB3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-16-P-OO-AB3 Way1 inNormally OpenNormally Open
TP-3W-16-P-CO-RC3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-16-P-CO-RO3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-16-P-CO-RB3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-16-P-CO-AB3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Open
TP-3W-16-P-CC-RC3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-16-P-CC-RO3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-16-P-CC-RB3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed
TP-3W-16-P-CC-AB3 Way1 inNormally ClosedNormally Closed