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iPolymer 2-Way DI Water Pneumatic Valves

Two-Way DI Water Valves

iPolymer DI Water Valves are perfect 2-Way valves for wet bench manufactures or any semiconductor facility where ultra pure water is required to flow in a control passage. The DI Water Valve wetted flow path is free of lubricants, elastomers, and springs. Construction include three options for the Body, Piston and Cap Assembly: PVC, Polypropylene or PVDF. For the highest level of chemical inertness and overall fluid handling performance all three configurations include 100% Virgin PTFE for the Bellows and Backing Plate construction. O-Ring Seal options include EPDM or Viton (optional Kalrez). All DI Valve come standard with high performance Stainless Steel actuation springs. This valve replaces the older BECO Multi Purpose Valve. Valves are normally closed (N.C.). Liquid connection port is FNPT.

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Item # Material Port Size Options
DI-PVC-66P-CPVC3/8 inN/A
DI-PVC-88P-CPVC1/2 inN/A
DI-PVC-1212P-CPVC3/4 inN/A
DI-PVC-1616P-CPVC1 inN/A
DI-PVC-66P-C-RCPVC3/8 inRestricted Closure
DI-PVC-88P-C-RCPVC1/2 inRestricted Closure
DI-PVC-1212P-C-RCPVC3/4 inRestricted Closure
DI-PVC-1616P-C-RCPVC1 inRestricted Closure
DI-PVC-66P-C-ABPVC3/8 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-PVC-88P-C-ABPVC1/2 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-PVC-1212P-C-ABPVC3/4 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-PVC-1616P-C-ABPVC1 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-PVC-66P-C-MAPVC3/8 inMicro-Adjust
DI-PVC-88P-C-MAPVC1/2 inMicro-Adjust
DI-PVC-1212P-C-MAPVC3/4 inMicro-Adjust
DI-PVC-1616P-C-MAPVC1 inMicro-Adjust
DI-POL-66P-CPOL3/8 inN/A
DI-POL-88P-CPOL1/2 inN/A
DI-POL-1212P-CPOL3/4 inN/A
DI-POL-1616P-CPOL1 inN/A
DI-POL-66P-C-RCPOL3/8 inRestricted Closure
DI-POL-88P-C-RCPOL1/2 inRestricted Closure
DI-POL-1212P-C-RCPOL3/4 inRestricted Closure
DI-POL-1616P-C-RCPOL1 inRestricted Closure
DI-POL-66P-C-ABPOL3/8 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-POL-88P-C-ABPOL1/2 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-POL-1212P-C-ABPOL3/4 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-POL-1616P-C-ABPOL1 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-POL-66P-C-MAPOL3/8 inMicro-Adjust
DI-POL-88P-C-MAPOL1/2 inMicro-Adjust
DI-POL-1212P-C-MAPOL3/4 inMicro-Adjust
DI-POL-1616P-C-MAPOL1 inMicro-Adjust
DI-PVDF-1212P-CPVDF3/4 inN/A
DI-PVDF-66P-C-RCPVDF3/8 inRestricted Closure
DI-PVDF-88P-C-RCPVDF1/2 inRestricted Closure
DI-PVDF-1212P-C-RCPVDF3/4 inRestricted Closure
DI-PVDF-1616P-C-RCPVDF1 inRestricted Closure
DI-PVDF-66P-C-ABPVDF3/8 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-PVDF-88P-C-ABPVDF1/2 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-PVDF-1212P-C-ABPVDF3/4 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-PVDF-1616P-C-ABPVDF1 inMicro-Adjust with Handle
DI-PVDF-66P-C-MAPVDF3/8 inMicro-Adjust
DI-PVDF-88P-C-MAPVDF1/2 inMicro-Adjust
DI-PVDF-1212P-C-MAPVDF3/4 inMicro-Adjust
DI-PVDF-1616P-C-MAPVDF1 inMicro-Adjust