High-Temperature Pumps

PTFE and PFA Bellows Pumps for ≤145°C (293°F)


White Knight high-temperature pumps operate up to 145°C (293°F). They are available with fiber-optics (F), shuttle valves (S), or proximity sensors (X), and they are available with maximum flow rates of 30, 60 or 140 lpm. The pumps feature PTFE and PFA flow paths with no metals, elastomer O-rings, lubricants, or impellers. They operate continuously throughout their two-year warranty period with no required maintenance.

Select pumps by control method, temperature ratings, and pressure capabilities.

White Knight PSH Series High-Purity Pumps

PSH Series Pumps
Shuttle Valves
≤ 145°C (293°F)
≤ 5.5 Bar (80 psi)

White Knight PFH Series High-Purity Pumps

PFH Series Pumps
Fiber Optics
≤ 145°C (293°F)
≤ 5.5 Bar (80 psi)

White Knight PXH Series High-Purity Pumps

PXH Series Pumps
Proximity Sensors
≤ 145°C (293°F)
≤ 5.5 Bar (80 psi)

White Knight Closed-Loop Control Systems

High-Purity Closed-Loop Systems

Automatically maintain laminar flow or steady pressure. White Knight closed-loop systems feature metal-free pumps with PTFE and PFA flow paths. They provide stable temperatures, dead-head, and suction lift.

Control your high-purity chemical processes and delivery systems. Simplify process automation to save time, resources and reduce costs.

  • ≤ 140 lpm (36 gpm) flow rates
  • ≤ 7 Bar (100 psi) pressures
  • ≤ 210°C (410°F) temperatures
  • Maintain stable temperatures
  • No metals, no corrosion
  • No elastomer O-rings, no leaks
  • No electric motors, no heat rise
  • No impellers, no microbubbles
High-Purity Closed-Loop Systems