High-Purity Closed-Loop Systems

Maintain flow rates or fluid pressures in systems capable of 210°C (410°F), dead-head and suction lift!

White Knight Closed-Loop Control Pump Systems


White Knight’s closed-loop systems feature the CPC-1 controller, high-purity pump and pulse dampener. They automatically compensate for system variables, such as chamber valve operations or filter loading, to provide complete control of chemical delivery and recirculation processes. They improve system repeatability and simplify process automation to reduce costs and increase yields.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable metal-free pumps and dampeners
  • Maintain flow rates or fluid pressures
  • Flow rates up to 140 lpm (36 gpm)
  • Pressures up to 7 Bar (100 psi)
  • Temperatures up to 210°C (410°F)
  • Maintain stable temperatures
  • Systems idle at dead-head
  • Up to 3 m (10 ft) suction lift
  • No electric motors, which generate heat
  • No metals, elastomer O-rings, or lubricants
  • Eliminate expensive pressure systems

Why Choose White Knight?

White Knight closed-loop system pumps are capable of up to 140 lpm (36 gpm) flow rates, 7 Bar (100 psi) pressures, 210°C (410°F) temperatures, 3 m (10 ft) of suction lift, and idling at dead-head. They do not contain metals or elastomer O-rings, which eliminates potential for corrosion, prevents leaks, and reduces overall contamination risks. They do not utilize impellers or electric motors, which cause microbubbles, particles, ion contamination and increase fluid temperatures.

Closed-Loop System Spec Sheet
Test Report Heat Generation Levitronix Pump

Maintain Temperature

Stable Temperatures Ensure Chemical Quality

A White Knight bellows pump and Levitronix centrifugal pump were run simultaneously in identical recirculation systems. White Knight’s pump maintained a stable fluid temperature. The centrifugal pump heated the fluid bath 10°C in 2 hours, and more than 30°C in 8 hours.

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Test Report Filter Retention Levitronix Pump

Laminar Flow & Filter Retention

Improve Flow and Reduce Particles to Increase Yields

When comparing pressure and flow pulsations from a White Knight closed-loop system and Levitronix system, no measurable difference in filter retention was observed. Further, the flow pulsations from the White Knight and Levitronix pumps were both relatively low and nearly identical, regardless of operating conditions tested.

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System Components

Please select your temperature and flow rate requirements.

CPC-1 Closed-Loop Controller

PSA030 pump with DBA030-T030 Dampener

PSA030 Performance

PSA030 and DBA030 Temperature Curves

System Setup

The CPC-1 closed-loop controller signals an electro-pneumatic proportional regulator. The regulator applies pressure to the pump. The pump pressurizes the fluid line. Sensors signal the CPC-1, which makes adjustments and repeats the closed-loop process. The CPC-1 also communicates to alarms, PLC or Windows-based computer, allowing it to integrate into various tool designs.

White Knight Closed-Loop Flow Control System
White Knight Closed-Loop Pressure Control System

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