iPolymer Inline Diaphragm Valves

Inline Diaphragm Valves (IDF) feature an all wetted PTFE flow path with a diaphragm design for ultra pure service. Common applications include DI Water, Acid Drain, and Source Chemistry flow shutoff. The IDF valve is offered in a two-way closed configuration. Inline flow path reducing cavity corners & dead spots.

The anti-bacteria (AB) configuration is designated by adding -AB onto the suffix of the model number. The AB Option (not shown) significantly reduces the potential of bacteria buildup and maintain a consistent flow via an independent mechanism. This control mechanism will allow for precise adjustments and a cleaner cavity.

Custom porting & material configurations are available on request, such as: high ambient temperature actuators, sanitary connections and inline filters.

iPolymer Inline Diaphragm Valves Schematic
Item # Port Size End Connection AB – Option
IDF-103233-001 1/2 in FNPT No
IDF-103233-002 1/2 in Tube No
IDF-103233-003 1/2 in Flare No
IDF-103233-001-AB 1/2 in FNPT Yes
IDF-103233-002-AB 1/2 in Tube Yes
IDF-103233-003-AB 1/2 in Flare Yes
IDF-103188-001 3/4 in FNPT No
IDF-103188-002 3/4 in Tube No
IDF-103188-003 3/4 in Flare No
IDF-103188-001-AB 3/4 in FNPT Yes
IDF-103188-002-AB 3/4 in Tube Yes
IDF-103188-003-AB 3/4 in Flare Yes