White Knight High-Pressure Pump

High-Pressure Liquid Discharge With Continuous Flow

PHC40 pumps were discontinued July 7, 2021. They will be supported for three years after discontinuation.


White Knight PHC40 electronically-controlled pneumatic high-pressure pump offers up to 40 Bar (580 psi) liquid discharge pressures and is capable of receiving up to 8 Bar (116 psi) air supply pressure. It dispenses up to 50 ml per minute. It features metal-free flow paths to prevent ionic contamination.

White Knight PHC40 High-Pressure Pump

Features & Benefits

  • ≤ 50 ml per minute
  • ≤ 40 Bar (580 psi) discharge
  • ≤ 8 Bar (116 psi) supply air
  • Continuous, steady flow
  • Fully-swept, metal-free flow path
  • Sapphire, PEEK, PTFE, FFKM or FKM flow path
  • Pressure-multiplying design
  • Durable machined design
  • Robust Bellows Backed by DI H2O
  • Clean room assembly, testing and packaging
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy to install
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High Purity PTFE and PFA Pump Materials
Up to 60 ml Dispense Volume and 40 Bar Pressures
Fluid Temperatures to 80 Celsius (176 Fahrenheit)
White Knight Electric Pneumatic Assist Control
White Knight One-Year Warranty
CE Certification Mark

In-warranty maintenance may be required.


PHC40-2 high-pressure pump overlaps pressures between two chambers to eliminate pressure spikes and provide continuous flow. An on-board controller operates air pressure through four internal solenoid valves. The valves route the air to refill each piston and dispense at the appropriate time. The pump multiplies the supplied air pressure by six times to obtain the high-pressure fluid output. An external digital signal is used to turn the pump on/off, and digital outputs are transmitted to enable users to monitor operations.


Dimensions: [mm] in

Download PHC40 Dimensions


Max Flow Rate
50 ml/min
Max Discharge Pressure
40 Bar (580 psi)
Max Air Pressure
8 Bar (116 psi)
Max Cycles Per Minute
Air Consumption
1-3 SCFM
Fluid Connection
1/4 in-28 flat bottom or M6 flat bottom
Fluid Inlet Pressure
2 Bar (30 psi)
Fluid Path Materials
Sapphire, PEEK, PTFE, FFKM or FKM
Fluid Temperature
0-80°C (32-176°F)
Hydraulic Actuation Fluid
DI Water
NEMA Classification
1.7 kg (3.7 lb.)
Solenoid Valves
24V Manifold Valves 0.7 CV
Turk Connector
5 Pin O-ring Sealed
On Board

Power: 24 VDC
Max Power Consumption: 12 Watts

Internal I/O:
• Four 24 VDC Valve outputs

External I/O:
• One PNP Compatible Input
• Two PNP Compatible Signal Output