White Knight Pneumatic Pressure Regulators

Automatically Control System Pressure Without Additional Circuitry or Feedback


White Knight forward and back-pressure regulators offer remote piloting capability to maintain system pressure for high-purity chemical circulation loops and systems with multiple tool drops or dispense points. They feature fully-swept PTFE and PFA flow paths. They operate at up to 100°C (212°F) and 7 Bar (100 psi). They are air-spring loaded, highly accurate, and reduce system pulsation. Pressure regulators are available in 1/2-in, 3/4-in and 1-in models — determined by the connection size and outer diameter of the tubing. The flow through, or inner diameter of the tubing, is 1/8-in smaller than the connection size.

White Knight High-Purity Back-Pressure Regulators

Features & Benefits

  • Remotely piloted
  • PTFE and PFA fully-swept fluid paths
  • No O-rings or extraneous seals
  • Metal-free design eliminates potential contamination
  • 1/2 in models have 3/8 in flow-through
    3/4 in models have 5/8 in flow-through
    1 in models have 7/8 in flow-through
  • Safe, leak-free operation
  • Class 100 clean room assembly, testing, and packaging
  • Various liquid connection options
  • Minimal parts for durable design
  • Easy to install and service
  • No maintenance required during two year warranty
  • Integral gauge port
RBA Series Specification SheetRFA Series Specification Sheet
RBA16 Owner’s ManualRFA08 Owner’s ManualRFA12 Owner’s ManualRFA16 Owner’s Manual
RBA08PO Exploded ViewRBA08SL Exploded ViewRBA12PO Exploded ViewRBA12SL Exploded ViewRBA16PO Exploded ViewRBA16SL Exploded ViewRFA08PO Exploded ViewRFA08SL Exploded ViewRFA12PO Exploded ViewRFA12SL Exploded ViewRFA16PO Exploded ViewRFA16SL Exploded View
RBA12 CAD ModelsRFA12 CAD Models
RBA Series Ordering InstructionsRFA Series Ordering Instructions
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White Knight Ultra-Pure PTFE and PFA Pump Materials
Chemical Recirculation and Delivery 7 Bar (100 psi) Pressures
Fluid Temperatures to 100 Degrees Celsius (212 Degrees Fahrenheit)
White Knight Two-Year Warranty
CE Certification Mark

System Diagrams

Back-Pressure Regulators

A single back-pressure regulator equalizes upstream fluid pressure across multiple discharge outlets.

White Knight Back-Pressure Regulator System Diagram

Forward-Pressure Regulators

Forward-pressure regulators control downstream fluid pressure. Each discharge pressure needs a regulator.

White Knight Forward-Pressure Regulator System Diagram


Supply Air

Stable Pressure

Variable Pressure

Back-Pressure Regulators

Forward-Pressure Regulators

System Demonstration


RBA08 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RBA08SL Pressure Accumulation

RBA08PO Pressure Accumulation

RBA12 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RBA12SL Pressure Accumulation

RBA12PO Pressure Accumulation

RBA16 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RBA16SL Pressure Accumulation

RBA16PO Pressure Accumulation

RFA08 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RFA08SL Pressure Droop

RFA08PO Pressure Droop

RFA12 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RFA12SL Pressure Droop

RFA12PO Pressure Droop

RFA16 Dimensions

Dimensions: [mm] in

RFA16SL Pressure Droop

RFA16PO Pressure Droop


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