White Knight Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps with Magnetically Levitated Impellers for Smooth, Continuous Flow


PCA300 pumps feature a magnetically levitated impeller that is rotated independent of its stabilization functions. The pump offers continuous, steady flow without pressure pulsation. Its process-safe PTFE/PFA flow path is ideal for ultra-pure wet process applications. They are precisely controlled by electronically regulating the impeller speed.

White Knight Centrifugal Pump with Magnetically Levitated Impeller

Features & Benefits

  • Magnetically levitated and driven impeller
  • Motor rotates impeller independent of stabilization functions
  • Process-safe PTFE, PFA flow paths for high-purity chemicals and DIW
  • Leak-free tongue-&-groove seals
  • Low particle generation and low-shear improves process yields and increases filter life in CMP recirculation
  • No valves, bearings, rotating seals nor mechanically contacting parts
  • Reduced wear increases up-time and minimizes maintenance costs
  • Reliable, safe operation
  • Flow rates ≤ 140 lpm (37 gpm)
  • Discharge pressure ≤ 150 psi
  • Differential pressure ≤ 69 psi
  • FEP-coated cables
  • Various fitting options
White Knight One-Year Warranty
PCA300 Specification Sheet
PCA300 Owner’s Manual
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View: CTA Report No. WKP 2222 5426Download: CTA Report No. WKP 2222 5426
View: CTA Report No. WKP 2222 5426

Performance Curves

*Graph is for reference only. Performance was measured utilizing 1-1/4 in (1-1/8 in ID) liquid lines with 1 ft flooded suction. Performance may vary in your system. Chart represents flow at 5,000 ft, adjusted to sea level.

Motor Temperature Limits


Fluid enters through the impeller eye and is accelerated by centrifugal force created by the impeller rotation. The impeller is rotated with magnetic coupling and levitated by a magnetic bearing system. These magnetic systems prolong pump life as there are no mechanical couplings or seals to wear and fail.

Air Cooling Module

White Knight Centrifugal Pump Cooling Module

Cooling module enables continuous operation throughout the flow curve with fluid temperatures up to 90°C. Use of the module requires 8 SCFM of air at 30 psi air supply.


PCA300 Dimensions

[mm] inches

PCA300 Controller Dimensions

[mm] inches

PCA300 Power Supply Dimensions

[mm] inches


Maximum Flow Rate*
≤ 140 lpm (37 gpm)
Differential Pressures
≤ 4.75 Bar (69 psi)
Input Rating
200-240 VAC
50/60Hz 1ɸ 16A
Output Rating
0-264VAC 0-1kHz 3ɸ
0-15A 2.5kW/3.4HP
20.5 kg (45 lb)
Fluid Path Materials
Non-Fluid Path Materials
ETFE Coated Epoxy Filled Motor, Neodymium Magnets, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, White PVC

*May vary depending on configuration.


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