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Coming Soon – Not released for sale – Specifications may change

HX50 Compact In-Line Heaters

Small Footprints for Point-of-Use and Low-Flow Applications

HX50 Heaters Ultrapure Inline Compact All Sizes


HX50 in-line heaters feature compact 50-mm (2-in) housings. They are perfect heaters for low wattage and low-flow applications where space is limited. Their PFA fluid paths are optimal for aggressive fluids. The heaters utilize the low-mass Heateflex® heating element with low watt density to provide fast, powerful temperature response.

Specifications coming soon.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultrapure PFA wetted surfaces for optimal chemical compatibility
  • Compact footprint with 50-mm (2-in) diameter housings
  • 1-3 kW models available
HX50 Spec Sheet
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