Accuheat™ PFA In-Line Solvent Heaters

Accuheat PFA In-Line Solvent Heaters


For heating Solvents such as IPA (Isopropyl alcohol), NMP, and much more. IMTEC introduces the high-purity PFA solvent inline heater. This inline heater is designed to safely heat volatile flammable solvents while maintaining a high purity flow path. Equipped with multiple safety devices this inline heater is certified for operation within a Class I, Division II environment. Single pass or recirculating, this inline is ready to deliver stable fluid temperatures over a range of flow rates.


Accuheat™ PFA In-Line Solvent Heater Brochure
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Single Pass Point of Use

Accuheat Quartz In-Line Heater Single Pass Diagram

Recirculating Loop

Accuheat Quartz In-Line Heater Recirculating Loop Diagram


  • Class I, Division II Environment Compliant (Third Party Certified)
  • Continuous internal flow path, no O-Rings or compression seals
  • All wetted surfaces are high purity PFA
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Maximized watt density for performance
  • Zero maintenance required
  • PFA fluid path, wide solvent compatibility
  • Redundant Over-Temperature Devices


  • Stainless Steel housing and metal core enables a grounded construction preventing spark generation
  • All wiring shielded with conductive, grounded, PTFE conduit preventing spark generation
  • Low flow N2 housing purge provides positive pressure inert environment preventing the possibility of flame or ignition
  • Indirect heating, no immersed heater elements which can lead to shock or contamination


Certifications for IECEx CE ETL


Accuheat PFA In-line Solvent Heater
Available Wattages
1.5-12 Kw
Process Chemistries
IPA (Isopropyl alcohol),
EKC (EKC265, EKC830, EKC270),
Acetone, Ethanol, Toluene,
MEK (methyl ethyl ketone),
NMP, and much more.
Max Operating Temperature
Max Pressure
40 psi at 89°C
single or 3 phase
model dependent
Meets Requirements of:
Semi S2 & S3
Equipment Marking:
II 3G Ex pzc IIC T2 Gc
Ex pzc IIC T2
IECEx ETL 19.0027U
Certified to:
IECEx Standards:
IEC 60079-0:2017,
IEC 60079-2:2014,
IEC 61010-1,
IEC 61010-2-10,
UL 499 & CSA 22.2 No.88
ATEX Standards:
EN 60079-0:2018,
EN 60079-2:2014/AC:2015
USA/CAN Standards:
NFPA 496:2016 Ed.2017,
UL 60079-0:2019 Ed.7,
UL 60079-2:2017 Ed.6,
CSA C22.2 No. 60079-0:2019 Ed.4,
CSA C22.2 No. 60079-2:2016 Ed.2
Class 1, Division 2,
Group A, B, C,
AND D, Type Z; T2
Class 1, Zone 2,
Aex pzc IIc T2 Gc
Ex pzc IIC T2 Gc